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Anyone else spot this?

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Johnny Silverhand's tat matches the Porsche decal in the game. Now the lore tells us he drove a Porsche so I am wondering now if the car will be in the game. Like as V, maybe we will have to track it down, maybe repair it or something.  

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Where is this car featured?

I did see something about this mentioned on Twitter. Someone had pointed it out on there and people were saying it came from from last year. I can't find the footage of the car though. Maybe we weren't meant to see this? Or maybe it is just a fun visual easter egg for us to spot?

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I saw a meme floating around about Silverhand being a car and I didn't get what it meant, now I do. They were making a Knight Rider reference and joke. lol Either way, that is just a decal right? Not actually on a Porsche? 

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9 minutes ago, FearBoz said:

This was shown in either 2019 and 2018. I know they recently retweeted it. I am shocked no one else caught onto it right away. No more people seem to know about it though. I don't know what it means for him or his car but still pretty cool. 

It was from late last year. It was in a clip, you are right. I am sure there is a meaning behind it but hell if any of us will know prior to playing the game.

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On 10/17/2020 at 9:45 PM, Neon said:

I know we can have tattoos in the game so maybe we will have the option to do this on V but with other car make decals. Like if we really like a car, we can get it tatted on us. Would be pretty cool.

I don't know all the car makes, models, etc. in the game. I haven't looked that much into it but if the design looks good, they probably will have them available as tattoos. 

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