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Do you like Johnny Silverhand's character?


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I honestly didn't know a whole lot about him until I watched a video on his lore and I have got to say, he sounds very interesting! It is a bonus that he is played by Keanu. Always had love for that man. Anyways, the video I watched is below. What are your thoughts on this character? 


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I don't know much about him, really none of us do at this point but I think he will be amazing in the story. I like the concept of there being like a John Wick-esk type character in this kind of world. I am sure he will be different from that character but I can dream. lol

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I like that it is Keanu playing another badass character so yes, I do. From what I gather, he is going to be some kind of street king or something. I don't know much about the character himself or the build, or even when we will meet him. Maybe only if we take a certain path we will.

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Hell yeah I do. From what I understand, he will be one of those characters who pops in and out of the story as you play to either help directly or just give you advice on things. I think it will be cool just to just have the interactions with him even if there is no direct involvement on missions or anything from his character. 

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