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Are you going to play V as a woman or a man?


Are you going to be a man or woman? Or a mix?  

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  1. 1. Are you going to be a man or woman? Or a mix?

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Going to play V as a dude. I thought about it and I would rather be at a man's perspective for certain "parts" of the game. I don't want to be a woman and get dudes on me. I know it is an option to have women be into women in the game if you want but that doesn't appeal to me.

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Woman all the way. I have played so many games where being a man was the only option. I love being able to play as a woman. I know it sounds cliche but as a woman, I have an easier time connecting with the story if I am playing as a female character.

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V will be a dude. I prefer to play as a dude in games like this. I like to have the perspective of a man with the ladies, not the other way around. And yes, I know you can play as a woman who enjoys the company of other ladies. That will be my second play through! LOL

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Not 100% sure yet because I don't know what the options are in terms of clothing and accessories. Like if I like the look for the feminine stuff more, I will play as a female but if I like how the masculine stuff looks more, I will play as a male but some of the stuff might be interchangeable anyway.

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13 hours ago, Revanesolm said:

I always play a guy in RPG's when given the choice of character creation. I tend to always try to play as myself in whatever setting the RPG is set in. 

Same for me. I was debating on it but I want to feel connected to V as a character so it just makes sense to play as a man. I know a lot of guys will be playing as female characters as well so it isn't like I will miss out on anything. I can watch the story and gameplay through other players using female characters.

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I don't know yet. The appeal of making a man is there for me because I am a man but I am not opposed to playing as a woman. I have loved titles where you play as a female lead. I guess I won't know until I am starting up the game and on the customization screen. 

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