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Will we see the concept of time through hair?


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Some games have done this. I am wondering if Cyberpunk 2077 will have it where as time passes, you see the hair on your character grow. So if V is a dude, his beard and hair will grow and if V is a female, her hair on her head will just get longer. Thoughts?

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Hair-growth? I mean, eh. I never cared for this being in games. I might be one of few to think it is a wasted detail in games but to me, it is. Unless the game heavily relies on the concept of time for some reason, it doesn't need to be in a game.

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I really, really doubt it. I do like this kind of aspect in a game because it helps judge health, time, and travel but this is not really suited for such a mechanic. It wouldn't make much sense for V to grow long hair or a beard overtime if that is not how I created them.

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You will be able to change your hair when you like. I think genetics will play a role but the way tech is looking in this world, there will likely be smart implants where you don't have to do anything other than just plug in some hair to your scalp and have it do what you want.

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I thought about this. As much as I like this concept in gaming for the right story, I have to agree with the people who said it doesn't work for this kind of game. It just isn't something you would even care to pay attention to.

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