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When are you getting the game?


When are you getting Cyberpunk 2077  

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  1. 1. When are you getting Cyberpunk 2077

    • Day one
    • Within the first month
    • Next year
    • Not sure

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Since the delay, a lot of people seem to have changed their minds when getting the game. Some chose not to get it on preorder again, others are still going through with it. I saw some saying they will wait a little while after the game comes out before they make their purchase. When are you planning on getting it?

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Getting it the first day. I have no reason to wait to play the game and it isn't like I need to invest in anything special to play the game. Had it been coming out on the next gen consoles this year (and the consoles coming out as well) I likely would have waited.

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Day one. All my friends who are going to be playing the game are getting it the first day so I can't be behind and have one of them spoiling something for me. A few of them have a nasty habit of doing that. So does my brother. 

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