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What are you getting the game on?


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It will be released for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 so which do you plan on getting it for or have already preordered it on?

I didn't preorder the game so I am still on the fence. I am considering getting it for PC just because I got a new gaming PC and I feel like I would enjoy it more that way, however, when multiplayer comes out all my friends will be on console so I am not sure if it is worth that.

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I am going to get it on PC just because the next consoles are coming out soonish and I would rather jump over to one of those soon as they release and have this game be a part of my PC library instead. 

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I will likely end up getting it on PC down the road but to start, I will be getting it on PS4. I am not sure if/when it will be released for next gen consoles but if I had a better idea of that, I would likely just get it on PC now and get it on console in a few years.

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