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Legendary and Iconic Clothing

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In case anyone wanted to unlock all the legendary and/or iconic clothing pieces, I found a site you can use to find them all. I found most on my own but struggled with a few and came across this page. It helped me complete the collection. Thought I would share it. 

The list of items and the link to the page below:

Legendary Clothing

  • Blooming Amber Bandana
  • Cushioned Techie Baseball Cap
  • Media Baseball Cap With Reactive Layer


  • Cushioned Aramid-Sole Techie Shoes
  • Waterproof Badge Combat Boots
  • Elastiweave Fixer Shoes With Reinforced Seams
  • Gold-Tipped Manganese Steel Solo Boots
  • Worn Spunky Monkey Kicks


  • Tactical Hybrid-Glass Corporate Glasses
  • Holo-Tinted Badge Goggles
  • Scratch-Resistant Polarized Rocker Aviators
  • Armored Media Ocuset With Camera


  • Polycarbonate Nomad Shirt with Reinforced Seams
  • Ultrathin Composite-Print Solo Shirt
  • Thermoactive Tear-Resistant Techie Shirt
  • Samurai 2020 Tour T-Shirt


  • Amethyspeed Polycarbonate Utility Pants
  • Dura-Membrane Netrunner Pants
  • Protective-Layer Fixer Skirt or Pants
  • Breathable Reinforced Bio-Cotton Corporate Slacks


  • Arasaka Polycarbonate-Laced Bulletproof Aramid Vest
  • Reinforced Composite-lined Rocker Foldtop
  • Corporate Blazer With Bulletproof Lining
  • Duolayer Microplate-Mesh Nomad Jacket
  • Trilayer Aramid-Weave Fixer Coat


Iconic Clothing
Johnny’s Gear
Johnny’s Aviators
Johnny’s Samurai Jacket
Johnny’s Tank Top
Johnny’s Pants
Johnny’s Shoes



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A friend of mine was asking me about this stuff. I never got far enough in the game to unlock much of anything (PS4 lol) so I will send him this link. I didn't know you could actually collect that many items from Johnny. Nice.

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I have a number of the items but haven't finished collecting them all. I wasn't sure how many were in the game so having the list helps. Not going to use the link though. I want to try and find everything on my own first before I give up.

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Going to use this list over the weekend. I planned on collecting all this stuff this weekend but had to work an extra day and just didn't feel like playing anything. I am basically just working on collecting everything I missed and unlocking what I haven't unlocked now.

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