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Why is there no night vision or flashlight implants?


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I feel like this was overlooked or something. When doing any kind of stealth, things get incredibly dark and if I turn up the brightness too much, the game just looks terrible. I feel like they should have considered this to be an actual tool in the game for people who either have trouble seeing in low-light areas or just generally because it is the future and you expect people to have night vision implanted into them with everything else.

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THANK YOU! I was waiting for someone else here to bring this up. I thought it was just me. There are some parts in the game that are so damn dark, I can't see anything. Like I don't get what they were thinking with this. 

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Said that the other day to a friend. He thought he was meant to find one somewhere and overlooked it. I told him there are no night vision upgrades or flashlights. It just seems weird to have very dark areas and no options for this.

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This is something they could probably add in the game through DLC I am sure. It can't take that much for it. For all we know, the coding is already there for it and it will be a thing like Kyle said.

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A lot of things were overlooked, forgotten, or just not considered in the game. Some stuff was even cut out so maybe this was meant to be in the game and it was cut out? Who knows!

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Really hoping they decide to add these into the game in the future. I think people are right in saying that it was likely not in the game because it was an oversight. Maybe the testers were playing on a higher brightness level as well.

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