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Mission freezes?


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So I have been having this happen where a mission, a story placement, is taking place and it just does not advance. I try changing the wait time and nothing. I have to quit the game and go into another save in order to make it function. This is rather annoying considering it has happened to me like 7 times now. A few times I didn't save close enough to the point I was at and had to play through 40 min of gameplay again. Ugg...

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Yeah this is why I save a lot and save often. It seems to happen too much. I mean for me, it is happening every like 30 minutes depending on the mission and where I am in the story. It is frustrating because I have to stop everything and go back into the game just to enjoy it. One time it happened twice in less than 10 minutes and I just stopped playing the game for the day.

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This is just the standard for me anymore. Saving the game every chance I get. I don't trust any game, even one that runs much better than this one. I get being annoyed but it only takes like a minute to quit and restart the game so it isn't that big of a deal.

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There is no way around this unfortunately. I feel like this is something that people are complaining about the most, even with the graphic issues on console. 

The game plays incredibility slow to begin with and then you get forced to save all the time and restart the game all the time. 

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I had a lot of this happen about the 20 to 30% mark of the story. Like the percentage of completion I mean. It seemed like it was fine at the begging and a bit into the middle, fine at the end. Most of them happened right in that area for me.

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What missions were freezing for you? It seems to be the same handful for most people which it telling me it is a common issue that can be fixed. I don't think the latest patch/update fixed it though but I could be wrong.

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