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Has the latest patch helped?


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It's helped with graphics but not much when it comes to driving view and wanting to use gorilla hands.

Driving view-

I've been experiencing a bug where you are stuck in first person view. I like driving in third person better. 

The bike driving is like how the hell did I not fly off. No leaning when going full send and when drifting to a halt.

Hand combat-

If i wanna level up on whoop ass. I select gorilla hands and i become a punching Joe dumb or target practice. 

So the only way to fix it is shoot every one and then your hands wanna fight. Like too late now.

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Since i play on xbox one (working on getting the new one don't butcher me lmfao) the hot fix worked in a way where now my console crashes 3 to 4 times a day and I fall through the map and get stuck to where i have to load last saved game.

So to answer your question kinda yes kinda no it's still got a lot of fixing to go through. Am i expecting new gen graphics and play style no bc im not a complete moron. But i do have i hopes for the next gen console im working to get. Along with a mandalorian controller. Lmfao 

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On 12/16/2020 at 10:10 AM, Ilovemufs666 said:

I fall through the map

This happens on PC too, since the update. I have seen NPCs fall through the map too. One time I was driving and half the car sunk into the map and I couldn't get out. Had to restart the damn game.

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Yes and no. I know it has been nearly a month since this patch was put out but it seems like they only fixed what they could and they will need to keep releasing patches and updates each month for a while.

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