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From what I gather, this game seems to only run as intended on PC - Yikes


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I talked to a number of people on other forums, reddit, social media... People are basically coming to this conclusion: 

  • PC - Works as expect. Looks great. Minimal issues (assuming your PC can handle the game)
  • PS5 - Having issues with delays, glitches, and bugs but still looks beautiful
  • XBS X/S - Same as PS5, looks great but has some issues
  • PS4/XboxOne - Struggling to run, glitches and bugs, graphics have to be turned way down, crashes galore

So for those of you who are playing, what are you playing on and what issues have you been experiencing? I am on PC and other than needing to adjust some graphic settings (there were some frame rate drops having them on higher settings), the game looks and runs beautifully for me. 

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I just have no words right now. This about sums up everything I read. Even next gen consoles are having issues, not as bad as last gen but still. 

I was upset over the delay but at this point, they should have just delayed the game until next year, had it come out in March or something so they had plenty of time to fix this mess. I am disappointed. 

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I feel bad for people who were basically tricked into buying the game on old consoles. Even the new consoles are having issues like you said. Maybe they should have just released the game for PC and called it a day or maybe, like Milly said, pushed it back for everyone. Too late now though. They will face huge waves of backlash over this.

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18 hours ago, Ghost said:

Not even. While I am on PC and don't have many issues, there are still bugs. Don't let the contrast full you. This game was clearly not finished but was in a "good enough" phase to be released. 

I agree with this. I am playing on PC and I have seen the bugs. Some NPCs get glitched in weird areas, trees fall into themselves, cars randomly flipping over in the road... It is all weird. 

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