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Militech Training


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Okay, so I don't think this will qualify as spoiling anything for people because this is basically the training sequence you get to shortly after starting the game. I just wanted to ask if anyone else found parts of this tedious. Like I was struggling on parts and while yeah, I am playing on hard I didn't think or at least don't think that factors in for something like this. It took me while to get through it and I feel like some of the combat options require too many options. Maybe that is just me though and I am not used to things yet.

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I enjoyed T-Bug. I loved her cocky attitude and how confident she is. It made the whole training program enjoyable for me. I guess it can be rather hard at times because the instructions are not entirely clear and you have to rely on the menu heavily at times. I expect it to become second nature the more you play.

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Yeah T-Bug is great, already love the character.

As for the training, I had no issues with it but I have played games similar to this. The controls and combat are a bit more complex when you include things like hacking and strategic stealth but it gets easier. 

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23 hours ago, Skellix said:

I think the menu is what made it a bit weird. There is a lot going on too, the game is very flashy which can be hard to focus on at times but I think the combat is pretty good overall. 

They throw a lot at you and if you aren't listening, you can easily get confused. I felt like some of my aiming was spot on and yet it was not registering it properly. 

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