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First Impressions [ NO SPOILERS ]


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I want to see what people's first impressions were of the game without giving any spoilers. Don't mention things about the story. Be as passive as you can be with this stuff. I am just interested on general reactions, wow factor, and eagerness to keep playing. 

So for me, I have played the game already. I played about 2 or so hours today. My first impression was just "Wow". The game looks beautiful, the colors the scene shifts, and the characters are all very bold and enjoyable. The create a character sequence is amazing. You get to do so much with it, I was mind blown. I spent a good 40 minutes messing with that. I am not very far in the story (shocker) but thus far, I am not disappointed. 

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Not bad, not bad at all. They kind of throw you right into things but then slow things back down which I guess is what you would expect so you can learnt he controls and understand how to play the game. Jackie seems like he is going to get us into some trouble man lol

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Well, I might be one of few but I feel like I could have waited to play the game. It is a great game from what I have played and looks really nice but I don't feel like I needed to be in such a hurry. Maybe I over-hyped it for myself. I still think it is one of the best games I have played in recent history. My thoughts might change though. I have only played for a few hours. Getting ready to hop back on in a bit.

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Not playable, for the most part. I got refunded. I am not impressed. I am honestly disappointed. I was going to see if my PC could run it but my refund got stuck on the PSN wallet so I am only able to spend the money there. I am trying to work a way around this. I did want to play the game. What a let down. How 2020 of them...

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Very pleased. The game looks stunning, the graphics lived up to the hype (for PC) and I am having a hard time doing anything else outside of playing the game. Just exploring has been a treat for me. I love seeing all the silly small details around the places.

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Well, I tried playing on XB1 and it was not good. I was really mad about the quality and the amount of bugs. I decided to just get it on PC and I am getting a refund for the XB1 version. Since playing on PC, I feel a bit better about the game but it is still far from perfect. There are some weird glitches happening and the dialog between characters seems choppy. Like you will hear them talking right over V all the time.

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I am loving it. While it is not exactly what I had hoped for, I am still happy. I don't know how much of the story I have left but I know I have to be close to the ending. It has been okay. Nothing special imo but the world and just going through everything has been enjoyable none the less. 

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