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Gamespot reviewer is being harassed over her review


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The writer is getting comments on her Instagram page telling her to kill herself, calling her a dishwasher, making comments about her appearance, and basically dragging her through the mud. These are the kind of fans I honestly hate. What the hell is wrong with today's culture that this is considered to be a just response? It is her opinion of the game. Just because she said a few negatives about it doesn't mean anything. Why are people so hurt by other people's opinions? FFS grow the hell up!

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People like this, who want to act this way online, are cowards. They are the reason why so many groups and companies want to get rid of free speech online. I am sick of this kind of crap. If you can't act civil online, you shouldn't be allowed on platforms like this. You shouldn't punish everyone else because of them though. 

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What in the world is wrong with people? Do they think because they are online, what they say doesn't matter? I feel like if their personal information was out there, and they could be identified, they wouldn't be saying any of this stuff.

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The issue with this is that if people like this get banned, where do you draw the line? I think there has to be some changes because death threats and telling people to kill themselves on a large public platform should not be acceptable at all but jokes at the expense of gender, race, etc. is where things get grey. You target these things you have to target the jokes (not legit insults but comedy) as well. I don't know man. I hope she blocked them and went on with her day. Don't let people like this get to you.

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4 hours ago, VVVVVV said:

Gaming culture is becoming more toxic and ENTITLED by the day. Just sad that people think they have a right to treat others that way.

Yup. I was going to say the same thing. It comes down to entitlement. People feel like everyone has to agree with them, enjoy what they enjoy, and if they criticize any game they enjoy it is like going to war. People are too accustomed to reaction culture. You can disagree with people, it is not the end of the freaking world. I just feel bad for the writer. 

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I would hate to see what people are saying about it now. It is one thing to criticize someone's opinion because you think the game is great but I can bet you she is being called a liar now because a lot of people find the game to be unplayable. 

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