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A number of people on console are already playing...


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Maybe this will piss some of you off, maybe not, but a number of people on console are already playing the game. I have seen people streaming it on YouTube. Not sure about Twitch. I think it is BS. I was under the impression that the game was coming out for everyone at the same time. I still got 9.5 hours before I can play and people already been playing the game for a few hours now.

wtf CDPR!?

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Yeah I second what Tanykome said. They likely were not prepared and overlooked some stuff. I don't think they meant for this to happen. I feel like people are overreacting, not you OP, but people on other platforms. They are getting insanely and unjustifiably angry at them and others who tell them to calm down. 

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Not long now, then we will all be playing it. I know some people got to play it early and good for them. It doesn't honestly bother me because I had intended on playing tomorrow anyways but I will start the game tonight. Play an hour or so. 

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23 hours ago, coolluck09 said:

dont worry if u have ps4 u dont wanna play anyways not yet at least wait for the patches because ohhhh theyre coming. they better be.


Seeing is believing. I am already looking into options for getting a refund. This is ridiculous man. I tried playing on PS4 as well. If you find out anything on getting a refund let me know. 

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Yeah so this didn't matter. Turns out most people playing on last gen consoles ran into a number of issues. It seems as though they knew this was going to happen which is why the last delay was pushed through and they didn't bother fixing any of the issues. 

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