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Ratings for Cyberpunk 2077


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I haven't read any of the articles but a number of them have been published. It seems like the game is getting 7/10. 8/10. and 9/10 which is good news but I didn't expect to see it score as low as a 7. I am think the person who reviewed it might have been over-hyped. Either way, it is good to see the ratings coming in. I did see a bit about how the game is glitchy and buggy but they said that will be correct in a day one patch so we will see.

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43 minutes ago, Jaysun said:

The game will likely end up having a high score overall from reviews. I care more about what players think though. I can trust people with ratings for TV shows and movies most of the time but not video games.

I feel this way too. I never had an issue with ratings for TV shows and I don't watch movies anymore but I have played games where these reviewers gave the game a poor score and I still found the games to be enjoyable. 

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