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How long before we see Cyberpunk 2077 Minecraft servers?

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A friend of mine is really into Minecraft and runs a server for his son who is 7. Him and his friends play on it all the time and he has fun playing with his son on the weekends. He actually mentioned the only way his kid would play the game is in a Minecraft world. Then I realized that builders/creators are very likely to make the make in Minecraft. Question is, how long do you think it will take from the point of the game coming out to the point we start seeing maps, mods, etc. for Cyberpunk themed things in Minecraft?

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If anyone sees one pop up, post about it here cause I would be interested in taking a look and trying it out myself! 

I love themed servers/maps in Minecraft. They have done other games like GTA V so I fully expect to see one for this game.

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23 hours ago, StarrShooter said:

I don't know about any servers but you can download a map of the city. This was made last year. I don't know if you seen it OP which is why I am sharing it. 


Wow that looks really impressive. Might have to download it and take a look around. I saw some stuff about it crashing computers though because it is so big. I think mine will handle it just fine though lol

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