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Anyone else struggling with other games right now?


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I am having a harder, and harder time playing games right now. I start and just can't focus because I know CyberPunk 2077 is almost here. This is the main game I was looking forward to this year. I enjoyed DOOM a lot and dabbled with a few others but those were months ago. I can't bring myself to find enjoyment in anything gaming related knowing we are just 10 days away.

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Yeah I know that feel. I plan on getting the RDR2 online edition since it is only $5. My one friend has wanted me to get the game since launch and I had n interest in the story but since they are putting it out for just the online version and for only $5, I figured why not. That will tie me over for 10 days while I wait for Cyberpunk 2077!! If anyone else is curious, it goes on sale tomorrow. 

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Yes and no. I mean I have things I can have fun with but anytime I start thinking about CP2077, then I just want to read about it and can't focus on anything else. I was like this before when it was "close" to launch but we have never been this close.

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1 hour ago, Crabby said:

Not really. I mean I enjoy plenty of games at the moment. I will say that the closer the day gets though, the less focus I can keep on more serious titles. I am mostly just playing online games with friends.

Same for me. I just been playing multiplayer games. I am in no mood for a story game. I am waiting on CB2077 and the sooner it comes out, the sooner I can go back ti ignoring the world. lol

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I haven't played much in awhile. I go through periods of wanting to play games non-stop to not being bothered with them for weeks, sometimes months at a time. I think as I get older, the interest I have in gaming in general is shifting. I am still excited for Cyberpunk 2077 and look forward to playing it.

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I mean I have a handful of games I play weekly. I certainly don't play something every day. I have shows that I watch and stuff. So yeah, I have no issue playing other games. After Cyberpunk 2077 comes out, that will be a different story lol

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I read this as "older" games and I was ready to go on a long rant about how I love classic games to this day... But yeah, we only have a few days to go so I am not really feeling anything else I play. I will start to play something and just get bored 30 min later.

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