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DLC will be revealed after launch!

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Some good news here. Because of the delays, they will be able to announce and reveal DLC content shortly after the game has been released. They will be talking about future projects for the game and expanding on the lore, world, and characters early 2021. I haven't even played the game yet and this has me excited lol

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14 minutes ago, GridLock said:

I read about this. They said something about it being in Q1 so it can be in January or it might not be until April. We will have to wait and see. I would imagine they wait at least 2 months so people can finish the story first.

Thanks for clarifying that. I was thinking we were going to see something about this in January, like the first week of or something lol 

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25 minutes ago, ElfWarrior said:

I am glad they are already ready to move forward with the game. I was expecting we wouldn't know of anything DLC related at least until June or July.

This is where my mind was. I mean part of me didn't even expect any talks of it until the end of 2021 even. Knowing they want to keep the game going and having a nice flow of new content is promising! 

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I am fine with them talking DLC shortly after the game is released. Most of us will likely finish the story within the first month of the game being out anyways. I look forward to seeing what they will do with it in the future!

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On 12/6/2020 at 10:50 AM, GBlack said:

What exactly will the DLC be for?

Like will we be getting some new bits added on to the story or is it going to be like side missions and stuff? Or just additional weapons and what not?

I don't think anyone knows at this point but they have said in the past that it will be more than just small micro transactions so I expect to see bundles where you get new items and new story points to play through. 

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