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Will there be underground exploration?


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I don't know if there will be subways and what not underground. I don't remember reading anything about it so I figured I would just ask instead of reading through a bunch of old news and risking some spoilers. Anyone know about this?

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This is as of July:


Players will be able to swim, dive and explore the water in Cyberpunk 2077 and there is some content based in the water but don't expect a water exploration game, Senior Level Designer Miles Tost confirmed in latest podcast.

I don't see anything about being underground or under the city. Just that we will be able to go in the water. 

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22 hours ago, Jaysun said:

I think there will be underground areas, like basements and a subway. I am not sure what else. I am sure we will be sent under the city for something during the story. 

I am curious if there will be like hideouts underground for gangs. That would be pretty cool. Like you go to an area and discover a hidden path down by the subway that leads to some kind of drug lord lair or something. 

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21 hours ago, Cripto said:

There will be but likely not in great detail. It will likely be limited spots and closed in areas so you get the city feel underground without the actual size of it. 

This is what I figured I know it was mentioned but since they didn't go into much detail on it, there won't be much to it. Maybe they will use DLC to expand it more. Maybe that is part of their plan for all we know.

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I'm just happy there will be something at all. They could have just opted to not focus on this aspect of the city. We know in major cities there is almost always a subway system. I am hoping we can use it for fast travel or something if they have included this.

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