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The leaks are coming, the leaks are coming!


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I don't know if anyone is aware but some copies have slipped through the cracks so when you are browsing on YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, etc. be careful. There are spoilers popping up left and right. I stopped using Reddit last week and no one I follow on Twitch or YouTube will be playing the game before the release so I have nothing to worry about with that. I would avoid any open forum where they allow spoilers though. This one seems to be the safest place I have found so I am sticking with it.

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I kind of figured there would be leaks happening since the game was planned for a release and the game was actually shipped out to many places. I figured they would make some kind of lock feature... I mean I am assuming they do so you can't play the game until the real date but you can get spoilers inside the case I guess. Not sure how this all works. 

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Not going to say I am surprised. People love being the first to spoil things these days. Thanks to social media platforms, it has become something so easy to do and all it takes is just having one post or video get enough attention. That is what these people are after anymore. 

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The title made me laugh a little. lol

But yeah, I saw some clips of people who work at stores seeing the games coming in by the tote load. Nuts to see. I am almost positive thought they are time-locked so even if someone happens to get a copy earlier, they won't be able to do much with it. 

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1 hour ago, spaceb0und said:

I haven't seen too much but I am not looking for leaks or anything. I think platforms are doing a good job at filtering stuff like this. I am on a few other forums and on Twitter and have not seen anything. 

Same. I am sure they are out there though. I think the Reddit subsection for the game is very strict on this though so they likely swiftly delete spoilers or at least correct them so nothing is spoiled unless you want it to be. 

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I find the easiest way to avoid leaks is to stay off social media platforms like Twitter and stick to smaller social circles. I haven't been on Discord since the beginning of the month because I know people on there are very likely to spoil things for me. 

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Thought I would update you guys. The reddit subsection for the game is safe. They made it so all posts need to be approved to prevent spoilers. I know people can still spoil things in the comments but they seem to be being pretty strict about things. 

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