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Free Google Stadia Controller


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Why are their controllers so expensive? Or is that the cost including Chromecast? I honestly don't know anything about it. I heard of it and never looked into it. If I am not playing on console, I am playing through Steam or some other gaming network. Certainly won't be on Stadia. 

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17 hours ago, Jaysun said:

I smell desperation! LOL!!

Yeah no one wants to play games on Stadia. It is a flawed concept. I don't know a single person who bothers with it. People are too invested in Sony and Microsoft. 

I thought this too. They are not getting good sales so they want to get people to buy the game with them by giving them something free. Seems like they would be taking a loss here though.

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While this is a good deal, it just seem strange they would be giving it away. I guess this is more down to COVID than anything. Plenty are still out of work or struggling to make ends meet and they likely were going with other options in terms of gaming this year.

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I am find with big companies having a solid footing in the industry but there is no reason for Google to expand into gaming. There already have too much. I won't support them. Sorry. I would much rather support a Japanese corporation like Sony. 

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20 minutes ago, CyberDemon said:

I thought I would post this here.

A friend of mine ended up getting this deal and while he doesn't intend on playing much on the Stadia, he is fully intending on reselling the controller. I can bet you others thought of this as well. 

LOL!! I didn't even consider that! I mean have they? I wonder if they made it so you can't resell them. Surely not. I mean if I had the Stadia, I would just keep the controller even if I didn't intend on using it. 

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