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Another string of cancellations underway


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Some stores like Walmart, Target, etc. are pushing through cancellations of preorders today. Some have complained it is happening on Xbox and Playstation as well. I am not sure if this was planned or something went wrong but a number of people lost their preorders. Be sure to check and make sure you didn't. Mine is still fine but a few friends said they got e-mails saying theirs were canceled. 

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Ah yes, more good news. 

I have been looking forward to 2021 since April and the only thing I was actually excited for, well, the only thing I had left to be excited for was Cyberpunk 2077. I don't think mine was canceled but who the heck knows. I might still get that e-mail. 

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17 hours ago, ElfWarrior said:

How much more bad news can this fanbase take? I am really starting to get put off by it already. Like not anyone's fault here but it is just sad as heck at this point.

You'd be surprised. I mean there is still a chance of another delay. Until the game is out, we can't know 100% there won't be. Even if they tell us this.

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7 minutes ago, FearBoz said:

I feel like this kind of stuff should be preventable. Like had I got the collector's edition of a game and it was canceled on my weeks or months after the fact when it can't be found anymore, I would be fuming. 

This is what I was thinking. It seems like more of them came from Walmart and the PS store from the looks of things. Still, very sad.

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A friend got his canceled. He is still pissed. It was the final straw for him and he doesn't even want to talk about the game anymore. He said that he is just going to get it when the price drops next year. I can't blame him in a way. I would be mad too.

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21 minutes ago, Milly said:

Was this mess all sorted out or did people have to fix it themselves? I haven't seen anything on it from the actual retail stores so I am curious about it.

Most people seemed to have just reordered their preorders. I know some places had the special editions available again but not for long. They are sold out again. I think this is just the end of it and it shouldn't be an issue again. 

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