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  1. Yeah I think it is. Bugs aside, the story is good and the gameplay is fun. At least, this is the case for me. I won't pretend it is one of the best games I ever played but it is certainly one of the best looking ones I have ever played.
  2. What more could they do at this point then try to save face and not be backed into a corner? They dug themselves pretty deep and while we can all see this, they have to appear to have things in control and not accept any accusations.
  3. I remember that too. I saw a meme over it. Well, more so a video gag at them. It showed what they implied the game would be and then what it looked like on PS4. It was terrible!
  4. This is all good and well but I can't see them giving us a whole lot to start considering they still have a lot of fixes to make for the game overall.
  5. I don't know about any servers but you can download a map of the city. This was made last year. I don't know if you seen it OP which is why I am sharing it. https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/cyberpunk-project-timelapse/
  6. I mean, she is an interesting character in comparison to the rest but I wouldn't consider her to be one that stands out for me personally. She almost seems "half there" at times. I think if they focused more on her as an individual in the main story it would have reflected better over all.
  7. I don't think the issue is that it should have come out at all for these consoles but rather been tested better and improved more for them. They seemingly made the game for PC and then worked backward when it should have been the other way around.
  8. It doesn't help either that they advertised the NPCs to be groundbreaking. You throw a bomb in the middle of cars and every single one does the exact same motion. Like they are just robots. It sucks.
  9. I blame the entire team. I am not going to sugar coat it and pick sides. While I am not outraged over the state of the game nor did I want a refund, I still feel like the way they handled this game was piss poor.
  10. This is pretty common. It seems to happen more for some over others. I counted at least 15 times it has happened to me but stopped keeping track at one point. I still haven't finished the game yet partly because of this issue.
  11. I will give it a 7. It is not the game I thought it would be but I still like it for what it is. Just wish I had waited until it went on sale. I didn't need to spend $60 on an unfinished game.
  12. I want to just see more depth. Like I am enjoying the game but it is not nearly as deep as it was implied. It feels lifeless at times.
  13. Access gets stuck for me all the time. It is really annoying. I hope they do a patch to fix this in the near future.
  14. I think people are lying to themselves if they think this game is perfect. I mean it is a stunning game but it has bugs and other issues which can't be denied. It is okay to criticize something you enjoy or love. I think giving honest feedback is important for the developers as well.
  15. I was on yesterday, meant to post in the thread and got sidetracked. I did what you said OP and it did help a lot with the blurring effect. It was actually making me a bit dizzy. Thanks for the heads up on this.
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