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  1. Not a big deal for me if this is the case. I want to be able to enjoy driving around and not worry about other cars bashing into me or making it hard to do missions where I need to be on the road.
  2. If they really displayed the full issue of this problem, there would be way too many NPC characters in the game and it would get bogged down. I am guessing when you compare regular folks to poor/homeless ones, we will see a contrasted split of 70% to 30%.
  3. Probably. I saw in a few clips where NPCs were in the background interacting with each other. It was way more realistic compared to other games, even if they loop the interactions.
  4. I want to see some of it being legal and some of it being illegal just so we can have a cleat contrast of the laws involving technology in this time period. I think this is how it will play out regardless.
  5. Why not ask on Twitter? They seem to answer a lot of people on there. If they haven't answered it before, they are more likely to respond as well. You can get attention on the tweet to further guarantee a response as well. It beats asking on a forum or hunting through tons of old topics, blog articles, etc. trying to find the answer.
  6. When this kind of story is done right, it is amazing but given the story of the game and how we are going to play through a world like this, it would make little to no sense to implement this kind of ending. It makes more sense for a movie as well rather than a video game.
  7. I don't know any of these people but that is cool they are in ads like this. I like the ads as well, they are creative. The look like they are from out time but when you look closer, you know that they aren't quite like us. lol
  8. I am sure there will be darker aspects to it. Mostly based around how flawed we are as humans and within a criminal run world. Crooked cops, dirty business men, and lying politicians who don't care about anything other than money.
  9. We'll see it closer to its release. It is easier to show the game on a PC at this point. The game is being developed with next gen consoles in mind as well so you can't forget that.
  10. I tried looking and only found fan made stuff so I don't think so. We won't really hear anything until the game is released. I did hear some of the music during one of their streams but this was awhile ago.
  11. I was going to say the same others have where it likely comes down to who you are talking to. Like one life path might be cool with one group or gang and the other life path, they may utterly hate. I am wondering though if this means you have to work more or less depending on which path you are on in retrospect to what gang you are trying to work with.
  12. If they do release it at Poland's time of midnight, it would be 6PM ET which doesn't make sense to me. What time was Witcher 3 released? Does anyone remember?
  13. I feel the same but I want to be able to enjoy the game online with friends in some fashion. If they release it too soon (rush it) or they get sloppy on combating cheaters, it can quickly turn into a flop.
  14. Do you intend to drive more or walk more? I was talking with someone on one of the discord servers I am on. We got into a discussion on the topic and I am pretty adamant on walking as much as possible, at least within the city. I want to see everything and explore every edge of the game. He thinks that it will get boring and be a waste of time after a while.
  15. Beats me. I really don't know what makes a gaming company allow this or not allow it. I just know that if they do allow them, it will be some pretty interesting stuff!
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