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  1. I hope they stick with this. I think what they have going now is perfect for what it is. I like that they have a whole look-book area too. Very nice work.
  2. A friend who plays on PC was using this when I was over. It looks really good! I was shocked. I mean I don't know how this stuff is coded and made but I love mods like this.
  3. You can read about this here: https://www.shacknews.com/article/122141/cyberpunk-2077s-issues-have-drawn-investigation-from-the-polish-government What the actual heck?? CDPR is in some real deep doo doo now. I did not see this coming. They might actually take a massive hit because of this. I thought it was going to be just lawsuits they had to worry about but the actual government getting involved is not a good sign.
  4. Yes, that is all fine and dandy but you have to consider that 60% of players, maybe even more, are playing this game on console. And I don't mean to put blame on things without understanding them. I mean in the sense that their time management was bad and those who are in charge of that are the most to blame.
  5. A lot of things were overlooked, forgotten, or just not considered in the game. Some stuff was even cut out so maybe this was meant to be in the game and it was cut out? Who knows!
  6. My brother needed help with this and I directed him to your post the other day. Worked just fine. He is having a slightly more enjoyable experience now lol
  7. SAME! They are pretty darn hilarious when you stop and actually pay attention to them. You get the impression you are in Las Vegas in the year 2077 lol
  8. It really isn't. I played it on the Xbox One and ended up getting a refund. I played a bit at my brother's and he has it on the Xbox Series S and the game isn't really any better. I mean the graphics look nicer but the game overall runs the same and has the same bugs.
  9. There is no way around this unfortunately. I feel like this is something that people are complaining about the most, even with the graphic issues on console. The game plays incredibility slow to begin with and then you get forced to save all the time and restart the game all the time.
  10. This was really something that I was disappointed with. I feel like GTA V has more going for their NPCs. Sure, they look better in Cyberpunk but they seem like empty animations. Maybe a patch can fix this, I don't know.
  11. Everyone I personally know has got a refund for the game be it on console or PC. That is 11 people, on and offline friends/family. I am the only one that ended up keeping it because I felt bad otherwise returning it. I don't think the game is finished and is not worth the full cost but I wanted to give them time to make things right. I don't blame anyone for wanting a refund though, not at all.
  12. I saw this floating around online and I have to agree with a lot of it. It seems like management made poor decisions which ended up crippling the entire company and forcing them to rush through deadlines. This is not how to properly run things. I am shocked they managed to get the game out at all in this case.
  13. Yeah these are legit. I don't know how far it will go but seeing that they were quite misleading, it is likely to stand in some cases in the court of law. I hope they are prepared for the worst and are hoping for the best. I would hate to be part of the company right now.
  14. I just have no words right now. This about sums up everything I read. Even next gen consoles are having issues, not as bad as last gen but still. I was upset over the delay but at this point, they should have just delayed the game until next year, had it come out in March or something so they had plenty of time to fix this mess. I am disappointed.
  15. It seems like it is harder to get a refund on PS4 than it is on Xbox One. I am on the latter. I would try contacting them online from their website. You might have better lucky there. I know others have gotten refunds for the game on PS4 already. No point in trying to talk to CDPR, they aren't listening or responding. I have tried.
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