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  1. This is like 57 years into the future. While I don't think tech will be this heavily involved in the human body, for this game, it will be so most certainly, there are businesses that a legit and doing legal things.
  2. Milly

    NPC Theft?

    Yeah you will be able to do this and then some. It won't be as simple as GTA but the same concept is applied. You can steal cars, bikes, etc.
  3. I am not sure. I might end up messing with it for a few hours. I can be quite picky with things like this. The last game I played that allowed custom characters, it took me nearly 2 hours to decide and there wasn't this many options.
  4. If by good you mean make us all feel crappy because of our irl looks, then yes. Nailed it. Knocked it out of the park. LOL Seriously though, they did a great job.
  5. I am asking in regards of weapons. I am left-handed myself and prefer to play games how I would realistically be holding weapons and what not. It didn't really occur to me to ask until I saw hands holding a weapon the "not so standard" way in a picture. It appears as if V is using a gun left-handed.
  6. I am going to drive a lot. Something about the way they made the cars sound, it is just exciting! Plus, you will end up needing to walk during missions and for the story anyways so it isn't like you will miss out on seeing everything.
  7. Not that I know of but I haven't looks. Based on your answers, I would guess not. They will show some I am sure, just give it time. They know they have sales locked in so they are not really concerned about something like this. They just want to make sure the game is done and ready for the November release.
  8. So I read that they basically wanted to work overtime themselves instead of the game being delayed again. So it really wasn't a forced thing but rather, the team not wanting to let their fans down.
  9. I don't think this has to do with the game. Like to me, it just seems like a coincidence. If they really wanted to, they probably could team up with them and get a licensed mouse going.
  10. I think some people will be let down, even if the game is good. I don't try to put a scale on things like this. I know I will enjoy it but I don't let it be the one thing I am looking forward to for the entire year. That puts too much pressure on it to fill my expectations to a "t" without allowing room for the game to have flaws in my mindset.
  11. I know the date is November 19th, but what time will it be available? I can't seem to find a clear answer. Like will the game be available at midnight on the 19th in Poland and whatever the time is for everyone else at that point or?
  12. That is the impression I got from it as well. I mean he seems too real to just be an AI. That and the dude legit as a bionic arm. Why would an AI have something like that?
  13. If... very big IF they decided to go this route, I think it would ruin the game for a lot of people. I just can't see them doing something like this. It is a futuristic title, there is no reason to fake a fantasy within a world like this.
  14. This is what I was gathering from what I watched, heard, and read. I mean it makes sense this way given that the paths themselves change things within the game. They aren't meant to be the same.
  15. I know we had some speculations but I am wondering if it was actually announced. I backed off on Twitter a month or so ago so I haven't been keeping up with the latest news on there and I know they announce a lot of things via social media.
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