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  1. The phone is okay. I mean the specs are decent but the phone itself just looks okay. Nothing really stands out to me. If there was a US release, I might get it to collect, not to use.
  2. I am sure other game devs will consider this now with everything going on. I can't wait to see what kind of music they used in the game that they made themselves.
  3. I was going to mention this. I don't have any myself but most of my friends do and they don't have the option to play when they are not around. My one friend's kid is home all day thanks to covid and their school doing home-schooling.
  4. Less than 13 days now, I think. Am I mathing right? LOL Anyways, I am starting to feel the excitement again. I am already trying to plan out my day. I will likely stock up on some frozen meals and snacks the day before so I don't have to leave my house for anything. Get pizza the night of the release.
  5. I nearly did but ended up not being able to which was good. I was able to get a few days off for December though so now I can actually have some days to myself to just sit at home and play the game.
  6. What a timely achievement considering it is coming out just a few weeks before Christmas. Basically 2 weeks before Christmas actually. That is pretty funny.
  7. Anyone who thinks a child, especially one that isn't even a teen yet, should be playing this game is not a good parent. I know it isn't real and it is just a game but it is an adult game with realistic looking people, sex, drugs, violence, and who knows what else.
  8. The last two delays kind of soured me for a bit but I got over it. I mean I am still just as excited for the the game's release even if it got pushed back several times. I am just hoping I didn't over-hype it for myself.
  9. I use both, but it depends on the game. For AAA titles, I go with Steam, for indies, I go with GOG usually. Not always but this is what I typically do.
  10. A friend of mine is assuming it will be around a 10 min patch, if that. The game is pretty big so even a smaller patch will take at least 5 minutes. Just in case it ends up taking longer, I will have a back-up place. I am going to be ordering pizza that night. If the patch ends up being big, I will just go pick it up. If not, I will have it marked for delivery. This is assuming COVID don't mess with my plans.
  11. The first person experience for me as well. I want to feel like I am part of the world. Even if the story is not that good, I can still enjoy playing something like this if the actual FPS experience is well done.
  12. It is certainly not my taste. Not a big fan of the color yellow but if it was less, I probably would have gotten one. I have a few posters in my office that match the colors. No way I am paying that much though for a game-branded mouse.
  13. This isn't a rumor, far from it. I guess if people believe it and enough of them believe there is truth to it, it can be considered a rumor but a lot of people are saying this.
  14. Has there been any point where they showed and kind of underwater or near water scenes? I watched all of the trailers and some of the gameplay when they were showing it and I don't remember seeing anything of the sort.
  15. I think most games offer some incentive, at least this used to be the case but since games are a lot bigger these days, just being able to download them prior to the release is a goof enough bonus. I know this was the only reason for me getting the preorder.
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