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  1. The way games are designed these days, function heavily based on updates and patches. You have the core of the game established and it is as easy as dropping some new codes in. I wouldn't worry about them not being able to fix it. The game has issues but it is far from broken.
  2. I saw a meme about Judy and Panam and was laughing. It was directed at being the male vs the female. Like the one was saying "Why won't you love me" to Judy as the male V and then the same from a female V to Panam. I wish I could remember where I saw it. I would have posted it.
  3. Unfinished project on the game is my guess. Could also be down to bugs or them wanting to use it for future DLC. I really can't find any information on it to link to you though.
  4. My friend linked me to this the other day. Been using it since. I am glad someone put in the effort. This is the kind of thing that SHOULD be in the game though. I don't know why or even how this was overlooked.
  5. Has there been any update to this yet? I am curious to see how things pan out for them. As others have mentioned, I just don't want to see them take a massive hit and the development of the game either be very slow or they just give up on it.
  6. The way the mods work, typically, made this a bit more confusing than it had to be. It took me awhile to figure it out myself. I too thought it was a bug until I looked up stuff on it.
  7. Curious to see if anyone tried it or is currently using it. I only just heard about it last night. It is still fairly new though and only came out a few days ago. Here is the link: https://www.nexusmods.com/cyberpunk2077/mods/669 You get access to different camera views while on foot. Looks pretty neat!
  8. As of now, it is getting a 6. Not a terrible game, but it needs work. I will say I expected it to be a 9/10 so I am somewhat disappointed but I will give them time to fix the game and make improvements.
  9. True. MGS is really its own game in a completely different category. They just share the stealth aspect in certain areas.
  10. They have the genre the same but that is it. I mean I don't see the comparisons with characters or plot in the sense that it goes any deeper than being in a cyberpunk future with a fracture in government/power. I guess if you do like Deus Ex, you are likely to enjoy this one as well but I don't think the games are so much a like that this feels like a remake or a sequel or anything.
  11. I talked to a number of people on other forums, reddit, social media... People are basically coming to this conclusion: PC - Works as expect. Looks great. Minimal issues (assuming your PC can handle the game) PS5 - Having issues with delays, glitches, and bugs but still looks beautiful XBS X/S - Same as PS5, looks great but has some issues PS4/XboxOne - Struggling to run, glitches and bugs, graphics have to be turned way down, crashes galore So for those of you who are playing, what are you playing on and what issues have you been experiencing? I am on PC and o
  12. Soon as I saw that thing, I was like "Oh man, please tell me we get to fight those!" I actually texted my friend who was at work. He was pissed at me for a while. He had to wait to play because of his work schedule lol
  13. I would hate to see what people are saying about it now. It is one thing to criticize someone's opinion because you think the game is great but I can bet you she is being called a liar now because a lot of people find the game to be unplayable.
  14. Yeah so this didn't matter. Turns out most people playing on last gen consoles ran into a number of issues. It seems as though they knew this was going to happen which is why the last delay was pushed through and they didn't bother fixing any of the issues.
  15. Yeah they didn't really outline it for us all that well but now we know so we can relax. I just hope things go smoothly for launch. Most games do just fine but it is 2020 so you never know.
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