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  1. I get that these are meant to be easy to remember but I feel like it would have been better to use titles for certain things rather than numbers. That is just me though. Not like I can make use of them anyways. I am but a wee console peasant. lol
  2. It is hard to say. I think this all comes down to restrictions. If this COVID stuff keeps up, then yeah it will take them a lot longer. I am not sure what their offices in the US, UK, or Poland are up to though.
  3. I saved the site as well. Didn't know such a place even existed but it will come in handy if/when I play the game again in the future.
  4. I mean the game looks great. The story is okay from what I have heard. It just does not run right. So I would say in the long run, it is worth it but you'd probably be better off waiting a few months before getting it again.
  5. That seems like the smartest thing to do at the moment if you want to play the game on console. I don't think it is worth playing in the state it is in right now.
  6. Ah yeah probably. They had to sort through a pretty big mess the first week, especially the first few days. They were likely overwhelmed at the moment too.
  7. They probably have a deal with Sony to get it back on there after so many issues are fixed. Maybe this is how they kept their money from them? Not sure how it works.
  8. I am still somewhat new to Linux but I am going to look into this. Are there any vids on it on YouTube that actually show the differences? I am legit curious now because if this is the case, once I upgrade to a better computer, I might just start it out on Linux and not even bother with a Windows 10 instillation.
  9. I heard about these but I don't understand law and whatnot to make any sense of it. Just from what I gather is, they gave the company money and were promised ground-breaking implementations in the game and they didn't deliver on their end. Seeing the backlash, I think the investors are pissed they made a possible bad investment and want their money back.
  10. That is what I was told. I mean from an actual Sony rep. I feel like this had to be one of the worst things that could come from the game's release. An entire platform shut the door on them. Gotta be painful.
  11. I'm giving it a 5. It looks great on PC but functions about as good as an entry level dev team who just launched an indie game. I expected more from them. I don't know when I will be able to play the game at this point. I am not happy.
  12. Did you end up getting one since then? I would hope so considering they removed the game and were issuing them out. Make sure you do it before they close the refund period. I think they won't allow refunds at the start of 2021.
  13. Not playable, for the most part. I got refunded. I am not impressed. I am honestly disappointed. I was going to see if my PC could run it but my refund got stuck on the PSN wallet so I am only able to spend the money there. I am trying to work a way around this. I did want to play the game. What a let down. How 2020 of them...
  14. You can do the refund from this page: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/help/subscriptions-billing/buy-games-apps/refund-orders As you can see, there is a high demand for refunds at the moment so you will have to be patient. It can take time for them to process it. My friend got his in about 2 hours. (That is the US link, if you are from another region just change out the US in the URL)
  15. The game is not functioning for either console. I have not looked into the new ones yet but I can bet you it runs just fine on those. Such BS. They should have been more open and honest about these issues instead of rushing the game.
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