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  1. Not too concerned with the story. I am sure I will enjoy it so I picked the FPS experience because I want enjoy the game to a point where I feel as if I am in the world myself. If they can manage that, this will probably make my top 3 games of all time.
  2. Of for sure. Once they get this to be the baseline and affordable, things are going to blow up. I mean we think graphics look good now, just wait another 5 to 10 years tops, they will be mind blowing. It will be like going from 1996 to 2016.
  3. Even a free controller would not convince me. I have heard mostly negative things about Google's "future of gaming" or "gaming re-imagined"... I can't remember what they were calling it anymore.
  4. Oh yeah you are probably right about that. Still though, it would make more sense to title it something different and for the description to be a bit less on the nose.
  5. I try not to think about it so much because it still gets under my skin too. Very easy to be mad about it but you gotta just move on from it and get ready for the new release date.
  6. I don't get the first one. "Earn all other trophies"... What is that comparing to? Is this meant to be ones outside of the story or what? Why not just make this one a hidden achievement and call it 100%.
  7. My older brother has a friend who lets his kids play whatever they want. Has done for the last 10 years. They are now 14 and 16 and don't listen for crap. The first time I met the youngest one, he insulted me. They always get in trouble at school too. I am sure both will be playing this game.
  8. Luckly, no. I was ready to book time off when the delay was announced. Had I done it, I would have missed out on time off in December which would have sucked.
  9. Yes and no. I feel like it comes in waves. I haven't felt as hyped as I had been in the past in awhile. I think one December 9th is here though, it will come back.
  10. 18 days now. Yes, I am counting. lol I am just hoping nothing else happens at this point. Only 4 days and we are 2 weeks again.
  11. Wait so there are fear of colors? LOL Also, I saw a meme saying that the 2020 color of the year should be the yellow they used and to title it "Delay Yellow" lol
  12. What would there be to add though? If anything, they will focus on adding more vehicles, weapons, and general story line expansions. Seems silly to have us playing under water.
  13. Damn that is a long time. What internet speeds does he have? The late time a game took over an hour for me was when I installed WoW on my PC and this was years ago. Even on console nothing I have ever played took longer than maybe 45 min.
  14. ^ Yeah, have to agree with that. This is not really a rumor. Just people making guesses and assumptions. No one knows if the game will get pushed back to 2021.
  15. Found some at my local Walmart. There was maybe like 20 of them stocked and one of the workers said there is another case in the back. He said they only got maybe 50 cans that were cyberpunk themed. I mean that seems a bit low to me but I think this is for the week.
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