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  1. Forgot one thing that needs to be added monowire needs to be a one hit kill on undetected npc or else it's useless
  2. So I'm curious of what should be added to the game. Flying vehicles for the player not just npcs Perk to receive money a kill just like in mercenaries two to avoid picking it up Allowing us to choose our pay rates Ai improvements These are my wishes to see in game but wouldn't mind see others
  3. Frustrating when your invisible jack is in the access point and the only thing you can do is move your head slightly to the left or right
  4. Since i play on xbox one (working on getting the new one don't butcher me lmfao) the hot fix worked in a way where now my console crashes 3 to 4 times a day and I fall through the map and get stuck to where i have to load last saved game. So to answer your question kinda yes kinda no it's still got a lot of fixing to go through. Am i expecting new gen graphics and play style no bc im not a complete moron. But i do have i hopes for the next gen console im working to get. Along with a mandalorian controller. Lmfao
  5. Last night i was on YouTube and apparently there launching patches every seven days until the game is enjoyable. But in Jan going into feb. They are launching free dlc content however it maybe like the witcher wine and dine kinda ordeal. I guess we wait and see.
  6. Yep i said the tony stark industries cyberware used to launch missiles and tranqs. However im very very displeased about the tranq dart. Why does it explode on impact and why does it take 3 to 4 shots to register a hit. Idk if im using it wrong is there a lock on sequence then the projectile goes pitbull. (Pitbull is term for when a sidewinder disconnect from your aircraft computure and at the last three seconds of being guided in it goes pitbull latching onto an bandit aircraft radar signal) If anyone is having the same problem let me know. I truly believe the tranquilizer dar
  7. What if we are there testing tho. We share our in game analysis through the console im not sure for pc but we also let them know on this. Maybe that why they re-embursed us idk.
  8. To be honest i don't feel forced to play in any style I just play how ever i want too. The only thing that's been pissing me off for the last two days since the hot patch for Xbox one is I still fall through the ground. And the game still crashes along with stuttering. I give it to the owners of the cyberpunk game bc they re-embursed money to a lot of people unlike Ubisoft that made ghost recon breakpoint. That was a ****ing nightmare for an entire year. Where as the team on cyber seems like they acknowledged there wrong doings and trying to make it right ASAP. I just hope th
  9. If you don't want to have a spoiled gameplay now's your chance to back out of this thread. This is mainly for people who have completed the story mode. I'm quite disappointed fellas. I didn't get to ram panam and you can't go full nude panties stay on. bullsh*t lol. But I'm more disappointed in the end. You basically get sent back to last load game before you go on the final mission and you can't untrack it. Now i rather i picked option two bc i thought well I still got unfinished business but option one seems more appetizing. SPOILER IS HERE IGNORE IF YOU DONT WANT
  10. It's helped with graphics but not much when it comes to driving view and wanting to use gorilla hands. Driving view- I've been experiencing a bug where you are stuck in first person view. I like driving in third person better. The bike driving is like how the hell did I not fly off. No leaning when going full send and when drifting to a halt. Hand combat- If i wanna level up on whoop ass. I select gorilla hands and i become a punching Joe dumb or target practice. So the only way to fix it is shoot every one and then your hands wanna fight. Like too late now.
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