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  1. Here is for USB transfers. I am pulling this from the Allgames Zone website:
  2. I don't know how you people feel about her but given the story, context, and her own development, I think they did a stellar job on her. She is relatable in some ways and very "real" in terms of being a person from this time period. You don't notice this unless you play the side missions with her though. The main storyline doesn't really get in deep enough.
  3. USB is easier if you are familiar with using them on console. You just transfer the saves to it and then plug it into the other system and load them, save the game, and everything is good to go.
  4. Thanks for posting this. I did read about it but I never bothered going to the site to actually look. I thought it was going to be some goofy fan site but they did a really good job at it. Looks real nice and official even.
  5. I wonder how long it will take. It seems like they not only have to fix the issues they had at launch but also battle lawsuits at the same time. Can't be easy!
  6. I ended up getting it running fairly easily. I used Steam Play Proton and since my specs were good enough to handle the game, it ran it pretty smoothly. I still notice the bugs but the game looks better, there is no more lag/freezing, and the game never crashes.
  7. They kind of sort of kicked themselves in their own backsides with this one. I don't know what they were thinking but I hope they don't go belly under from it. I don't think they will but you never know. 2020 has been a cruel mistress.
  8. I am shocked so many people gave up on it already. I mean, why not at least wait it out a few months? Give them time to actually fix the mess. Plenty of games have been released with issues but they work on said issues and get them fixed. It is the holiday season right now so I would imagine they are not working on stuff as much as they could be and it will pick up in 2021.
  9. I mean, we can blame them but they are still part of the overall team. People who worked for the company could have said "Don't you think ____ should be getting done?". I don't know. The game is still fun for me. I just hate that is disappointed so many people and has a lot of bugs.
  10. Hmm... I am going to try this. I run my PC on Linux but boot into Windows when I want to play games. I didn't even think it was supported. Interesting.
  11. Yeah they are a nice touch. Some of the other tech in the world was a bit of a let down though. I guess that is going to happen with a game this large.
  12. I don't know if I can post pictures here of them so I won't just because I don't want to break and forum rules but has anyone else noticed the amount of dildos there are just laying all over the place in the world? LOL I have found them in apartments, in back alleys, by dumpsters, in cars, in random people's stores/shops... This is hilarious! At least we know there won't be any dildo shortages in 2077. LOL!!
  13. Very pleased. The game looks stunning, the graphics lived up to the hype (for PC) and I am having a hard time doing anything else outside of playing the game. Just exploring has been a treat for me. I love seeing all the silly small details around the places.
  14. Just keep playing. I am not going to put spoilers or anything. I love the mechanics of these things as well. Like not just these suits either. There is so much tech power in this world it is insane!
  15. I feel bad for people who were basically tricked into buying the game on old consoles. Even the new consoles are having issues like you said. Maybe they should have just released the game for PC and called it a day or maybe, like Milly said, pushed it back for everyone. Too late now though. They will face huge waves of backlash over this.
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