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  1. Probably like 30 or so minutes. I will find something I like, check a few variations, default to the look I liked to begin with and hop into the game.
  2. Nothing I have read or heard about it but it would be a cool feature. Check back to the creative screen where you are making V. They showed it not too long ago and it might be shown as an option there. I really don't remember seeing it but I was not looking for it.
  3. It is cool for Silverhand but I can't see it being cool on anyone else in the game. This is like the equivalent to getting a a Hyundai logo tattooed on you. Just silly!
  4. If I am not mistaken, I saw them respond to someone on Twitter about this very question saying it will be coming soon. I can't find it though. They do so many dang replies to people but I love that they do.
  5. Might have been on a different forum or something? Either way, knowing they will eventually allow it is an extra treat for PC gamers to say the least.
  6. People want something to be excited for. They want to feel like this is going to impact their life for the better. I mean the creators want it to really inspire us in the real world too so let people just enjoy the excitement.
  7. I actually game in here to mention this. I remember seeing the thread but didn't know if it was this forum or another one. Yeah, I read this too in a few different articles that dated back to last spring/summer.
  8. Just curious. I only heard basic songs we already know in the commercials and fan made stuff. I haven't seen of anything or heard any music that is exclusive tot he game. I would like to hear some of the music though if possible.
  9. That mouse is ugly. Maybe it is just me but the bright yellow all over everything just don't look good. I am just as much a fan of the game as the next guy but people overusing the yellow, bleh. I would have rathered them us neon blue or green.
  10. I am interested in this hot take. I have heard other people say it but never looked into it. What makes it fraud? Also, I am sure you are right. It will win a lot of awards regardless.
  11. That is part of this reaction culture we are stuck in. No one cares about the facts, they just want to be outraged over the next thing. It is sad really. And yeah, it is normal for a lot of workers to be worked over in the US, and by several hours. I have known some people to work up to 80 hour weeks who worked in hospitals. No one ever says anything about them, seldom even feels bad for them. I have seen people on social media even mocking doctors and nurses during the COVID outbreak, like at the beginning. Saying things like "I don't feel bad for them, they make more than I do!"... Peop
  12. It was said a few weeks back that it would be about the length of the Witcher 3, slightly less than. So I expect the story to take anywhere from 35 to 45 minutes to complete but this does not include side missions or anything else.
  13. No, no, no, noooooooo! I hate this concept and I feel like when games, movies, or TV series do it is a cheap cop out for not knowing how to end a story. It would be a BS conclusion and I would hate it.
  14. I will go with either default or easy for my first time. Not sure yet. I want to really follow the story and not worry so much about the gameplay the first time through. I usually play games more difficult the second and third time through if there is an optional difficulty. For all we know, the hardest option might be locked at first.
  15. I was actually going to ask about this. I know in the US, a company can really screw you over with hours. My own father worked 60 hour weeks until he retired last year. It was insane. But knowing that they can't legally work past 48 hours a week makes this seem a lot less serious.
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