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  1. I prefer GOG because DRM free is what I'm all about. I never had any problems with their service with either downloading or playing games either. Your mileage may vary though. Going the GOG route will also give CDPR 100% of the money as it won't be split between them and Steam.
  2. I'm going to be the guy that gets the Autojock achievement, but still drives the crappy beater car around. Also, kudos to the dev team on the Breathtaking one. Being aware of the meme from last year and embracing it earns high marks in my book.
  3. We are actually closer to the release date now than when we were when the delayed the game from November 19th to December 10th.
  4. I was initially thinking 10-15 minutes, but I might be so anxious to get into the game that I might speed up the process even quicker than that.
  5. The idea that the games industry even needs an Oscars type of awards show is a farce. It also takes away from gaming publications (though I'll admit most are trash) in what they determine what is game of the year. It being used by console/pc warriors to prove their system/game whatever is better is obnoxious. Granted, that stuff happens with individual publications GOTY winners as well, but less so. I utterly reject the idea that there should be a big ceremony run by a grifter who tries to be clearly a buddy to industry insiders. The fact that it's used as the "real GOTY" after the fact. It's
  6. It will win multiple game of the year awards from many publications. "The Game Awards" I consider a fraud so don't care about whether it wins that or not.
  7. It's all about the hype! Nothing wrong with it per se, but I hope people don't go in with to high of expectations that when they finally play it are let down.
  8. A lot of it is overblown and judging by some of the comments I've read on twitter and elsewhere it seems some people don't know how businesses work in general or have never worked a day in their life. I'm not making excuses for companies that force 70 hour work weeks on people because we know companies in the game industry do that (EA for example.) Never mind other production industries where 50-60 hours is the norm on any given week. Part of that is American work ethic culture where working beyond 40 hours was considered normal. Your own father can attest to this. It's strange how this has be
  9. I honestly tend to play on easy, because I just enjoy the story in rpg's without getting my back handed to me. I tend to play very casually with these types of games. Which is an odd thing to admit, but I've been playing games for decades now and am quite comfortable with how I play and appreciate gaming.
  10. Most production industries use overtime when it's needed. The good thing for CDPR is that under Polish law they can't work more than 48 hours in a week. That's certainly more reasonable than a lot of people are complaining about. We have jobs in the U.S. where people have to work 12 hour days 5-6 days a week. CDPR working 48 all while getting a great bonus when it's all done is not so bad.
  11. I always thought it was the real Johnny Silverhand. He either uploaded his mind onto that chip that you stole or he somehow downloaded himself into the players mind.
  12. Walk in downtown portions of the city to get all the little details you miss when driving around the city pedal to the metal. Drive mostly when you absolutely have to get somewhere in a hurry. Or if it's required by the story. I'm guessing it'll turn into 50/50 between walking and driving maybe.
  13. Oh man, that would be highly disappointing. It's the equivalent of a soap opera where someone wakes up and half the season was all a dream. That would be frustrating on multiple levels.
  14. I always play a guy in RPG's when given the choice of character creation. I tend to always try to play as myself in whatever setting the RPG is set in.
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