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  1. Maybe they intended on having Judy be the straight character? Or they at least considered it. I don't know. I really don't care honestly. I think the fact that they have male V's voice giving sexual dialog with Judy left in the game doesn't mean anything.
  2. Very helpful! I don't get why stuff is so darn expensive in the game but I also have to wonder what they were thinking not to include previews of the items.
  3. I have a number of the items but haven't finished collecting them all. I wasn't sure how many were in the game so having the list helps. Not going to use the link though. I want to try and find everything on my own first before I give up.
  4. I need some source material. Too many rumors are spread like this these days, no offense. If this is true though, which it is very likely they have set up some sort of contract to get the game back on Sony, the 3 month mark seems weird.
  5. Yeah you could be right. Well at least I know how to do this now and was able to get the mode working. Thanks for posting that!
  6. This. PC is buggy but you can still enjoy the game. I think a lot of the letdown from the game itself comes down to the fact that it ran so poorly on console. I can't blame people for being upset over it either.
  7. My buddy said a similar thing. He said it is not worth playing the game anymore now that he finished the story, not until they fix it. He also said the bugs and everything really ruined his enjoyment.
  8. I don't understand what they did or where they went wrong with this. Maybe they were too focus on making it for PC and realized a lot of these aspects did not function right on console? I just don't know but I agree. I am disappointed over it too.
  9. We can point the finger but that won't fix anything. While I do agree, they have HORRIBLE time management skills at this company, I doubt this comes down to people who "manage" things. This is likely from who was in charge of what areas not paying enough attention to time.
  10. Now I feel stupid. LOL I was thinking this was a glitch or something. I even tried looking it up online and found nothing on it. After reading this, I was able to do it in the game no problem. I don't know why I didn't think to ask about it here. Thanks OP for bringing it up.
  11. Hey it is like real world cops. Some do too much and others do too little. lol But yeah, I noticed it. Seems to be a bit weird how they function but I don't have many run-ins with them so not all bad.
  12. I have had the game block me from walking or even driving. Not sure how that happens but I think these issues are all part of the same bug and hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  13. This is just the standard for me anymore. Saving the game every chance I get. I don't trust any game, even one that runs much better than this one. I get being annoyed but it only takes like a minute to quit and restart the game so it isn't that big of a deal.
  14. Heard the same. I am going to give this a test run over the weekend. I want to see for myself if there are differences. I will either do this tonight or tomorrow. I will try to remember to come back and post on it. Busy week ahead though!
  15. I gave it an 8. I get people rating it lower but the game has still been very enjoyable for me in-spite the flaws. I normally would not rate a game this high with this many bugs but I rate games based on my own personal experiences and how fun a game is to play through, for me, it has been a blast. So yeah, not perfect... Far from, but I am enjoying it.
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