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  1. We have known for awhile now what options we will have and how in-depth the customization for V will be. The menu and general look has changed since they first showcased it to us in 2018 but the general options are still the same. We will be able to customize the looks, the personality, the background history, and then some of V which I think is great. How long do you think you will end up spending on customizing V?
  2. I am fine with either way. Like let us loot stuff form them or not. If we can, I will likely use it when I need to but otherwise I won't be targeting NPCs unless I am directed to do so or on the rare case where someone just rubs me the wrong way in the game lol
  3. Since there are bars and clubs, I would imagine we will see some heated interactions in those areas too between NPCs. I would love to see things where like a woman is getting hit on too hard by a guy and it is started to push the line too much and you can have the option to step in and kick some butt if you want.
  4. Mmhmm. I think people glossed over it or have forgotten about it since there has been so much news and release information on the game since then. That and this year in general has been a mess for everyone.
  5. I feel like they will be showcasing the game a lot more once they are able to have it released for next gen consoles. The ones coming out this year were likely planned because there was going to be a delay on the next gen consoles release dates. They didn't know if they were releasing them this year or not for several months.
  6. They plan on supporting mods in the future but not at launch. They mentioned this back in April or May I believe of last year. So unless things have changed since then, expect them to support mods within the first or second year of the games release, just not right away.
  7. No matter what path you choose, NPCs and main characters will be different. Not entirely. But you will notice how you are treated different. They mentioned this awhile ago. That and your actions will impact how the world treats you.
  8. I mean, it is just a video game. I am sure it will be an amazing video game but to act like something like this can impact people in a way to change how we go about our day to day lives is a bit much. I see this more on social media and places like Reddit vs this place and other forums. Still though, what gives?
  9. If I am not mistaken, the WItcher 3 didn't have any console footage up until a week before its release so I am guessing we will see it in a month or so. No worries. They know what they are doing.
  10. This will be the case for most people outside of people trying to be the first to beat the game. They will rush everything so they will be making use of cars non-stop.
  11. I just assumed you were playing as a person of the times so technology related implants was going to be a part of V's character framing. This seems to be the case but they also allow you to play with weapons that are more current to our own times so that is cool.
  12. I mean I really can't say but I think I will be making use of both. The cars and such look amazing so I am going to want to drive around a lot but I also want to slow things down just to take in the vibe and see the world more slowly.
  13. The only time you will see V's teeth is during cut scenes and I am guessing V doesn't talk all the much from what I have seen so yeah, it is not a very important cosmetic feature to me.
  14. I like the message of it. Like they want you to be up to all sorts while playing the game and making it as fun as you want. Like play how you want and so long as you don't get caught, nothing is off the table.
  15. My friend managed to get a preorder for the system, I don't know how but he did so he will be getting it when it comes out. I know someone else who got an Xbox on preorder as well. So plenty of people are getting it and some will be getting it partly to play Cyberpunk on. I don't know what the differences will be, if any, because you won't be able to get a copy made for the newer systems yet.
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