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  1. Are the descriptions of the items the same in the game as they are on this site? I never looked through everything to know. This is a very nicely built site though for sure.
  2. Giving the look and design, the character design, and the general feel playing the game points seems fair and basically what I did when thinking up my rating. I think $40 may still be too high though. This looks like a $60 game but functions like a $20 one.
  3. I preferred Judy over her. I can't quite explain why because I know a lot of people complained about Judy being "dull" or boring at times but I found her to be more fun to interact with.
  4. ^ I think that is a fair point. You have to figure some people who work there mentioned the game in passing to friends or family and then they mentioned it to someone else, and the cycle kept going.
  5. I am basing this on the rate of development. The game took how many years to finish and it was still pushed back 5 times and game out unfinished.
  6. I am wondering how early is "early 2021" because they have a bad habit of setting times for stuff and getting it wrong, over and over again. I don't want them to drag this one out too.
  7. Just wait a but and get it on PC if you can. If you can't and need to wait for the next gen console release, just wait. There is no rush. With how everything is going right now, I can't see the game being fixed for several months, maybe not even until 2022.
  8. If I had to guess, they likely have the dark areas too dark by mistake OR they intend on having this be a feature in DLC down the road. We will have to wait and see for that I suppose.
  9. CD Projekt has a lot to deal with next year. I think we are all in for a nightmare at this point. Things are going to get worse before they get better not only for the game but irl situations. Just buckle up and hope they pull through so at least we will have Cyberpunk 2077 to distract us.
  10. This one was pissing me off. Glad they fixed it. I hated having to save every few minutes just to avoid a large save fail.
  11. I have gotten stuck in this game in the dumbest of ways. I have had to redo stuff because I had to restart the game several times. Very annoying.
  12. I have had issues with this as well. I don't think it is functioning right. Maybe they will fix it with a patch? Not sure. I do agree about the tranqs though. Seems weird that it doesn't function/sound the way one should.
  13. If they indeed intended on releasing it while it was still unfinished and buggy, they should have said so and been honest about it. I am playing on PC and while the game looks amazing, it has so many issues that I have lost count.
  14. Not going to sugarcoat it. It is getting a 6/10 from me. The game looks beautiful but there are so many bugs, story plot holes, and annoyances with the game play that I can't give it much more than that.
  15. So this is some pretty bad news. Sony decided to take the game off the marketplace and issue refunds for everyone who wants them. It seems as if they are parting ways from the devs and no longer wish to support the game. I am not sure how this will end up working out. This can't be good though!!
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