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  1. Sure, I guess. I mean I don't really pay much attention. I think the general look of all the people in the game look well designed. I don't care if the character I am playing as is attractive or not though.
  2. This is the kind of technology we needed in the gaming world. This kind of advancement will make games better and more fulfilling to play down the road.
  3. I saw someone else talking about this on another site and I think a lot of the people who were responding were overreacting a bit. This game is going to have blood and violence, no worries on that!!
  4. I didn't even think of this. I think that most games that have a create a character screen have this as an option though. The thing is, this game has a lot more options to pick from that might be worth going through. Like not just looks but life and personality wise.
  5. I hope you are right. I don't want to be driving and it feels like a ghost town when the city life, especially at night, is mean to be vibrant and active as heck.
  6. Will this be a feature in the game? Like if we target an NPC as V, will we be able to steal what they have on them be it money or cyberware? I tried to find an answer for this but no one seems to have a clear answer on it.
  7. They clearly want this city and the outskirts of the city to be complex and real to the social issues happening in the timeline. So I expect there to be a number of homeless people around.
  8. I heard that songs will be mainly made for the game but will also feature tracks that are on or going to be on the artist's new albums. Either way, they did a good job at mixing things up.
  9. It was from late last year. It was in a clip, you are right. I am sure there is a meaning behind it but hell if any of us will know prior to playing the game.
  10. Anyone else notice when watching some of the sample play over the last year, there are like next to no cars on the road while you are driving as V? I thought it was just one video but I have seen several now. What is up with that?
  11. Tell your friend that people have enough bad ideas with video games, they don't need more of them! lol Seriously though, I would not be happy about this kind of ending. I would likely walk away from the game for good.
  12. I don't know if that is accurate or not? Is that from the official game's website or is that one of those speculation countdown websites? I am just used to games coming out at midnight. I never knew of one to come out before or after it.
  13. Source: https://news.yahoo.com/cyberpunk-2077-developer-hit-backlash-090600124.html Well, this sounds a bit much. I mean they intended on having the game out in November but clearly overestimated things. maybe they should have pushed it back until December or even January. Like I want to play the game ASAP but knowing people are being forced to work too much just makes me feel bad.
  14. I'll be doing both depending on how far I need to travel and if I had already been through the area or not. I would imagine some places just wouldn't be "safe" to walk through.
  15. This was posted yesterday. I only just now saw the commercial. I have to say that Keanu looks like he had fun with this one. Also, I am not really a fan of them using Billie Elish for it. Doesn't fit well given the context of the song.
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