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  1. Same. I remember someone doing this for another game and I was blown away by it. They don't have to put all this work in but they do it for the fans and earn nothing for it.
  2. I won't be sitting around waiting. Don't even have the game right now. They need to focus on fixing the game, not keeping us sweet.
  3. So they had male V have dialog for a relationship with her just so they didn't miss anything? I feel like they changed their minds on something after the fact. That doesn't make any sense what they said.
  4. Really, you are thinking a full year will be needed for them to fix it? I think that would end up being bad for them. I can't see people holding interest and waiting for major fixes, even with DLC coming out.
  5. Yeah I don't know how to do this. I mean I am sure it is easy but I never used USB sticks on consoles before so I am not the person to attempt this lol Just think it is likely easier.
  6. Another thing that I assumed was in the game but clearly isn't... WTF were they thinking? I mean I legit feel like this game was rushed the last year of development now. It is not what I expected at all...
  7. No, not right now. Too many bugs and for the price, from what I read, the story is very boring. Like not entirely but at times, it feels like you are dragging your feet in mud.
  8. I didn't know this wasn't functioning. I got far enough in the game to see it but I thought maybe it game along later in the story. That is strange they would have it in the game and it not function.
  9. A few people I know said this helped a number of issues which is great but I am in no rush to re-purchase the game, not in the state it is in now. It is a shame man.
  10. Had I kept the game and was able to get an Xbox Series X or S, I likely would have made use of this. Thanks for sharing the information regardless. I am sure it will help people out. I think you can also transfer the game via USB but I don't know entirely how to do that.
  11. Yup. Got mine. Glad they allow refunds or I would have been pretty upset. Not sure what I am going to do with my time now. I have been waiting to play this game and now I don't have anything going on. Might take the refund and buy something else.
  12. I was not into it. Maybe if I had played the game more it would have grown on me but I got a refund for it. The game is clearly not finished...
  13. Now I got another refund... but because I wanted one this time. I gave the game 3 days and I just couldn't keep playing it as is. The update didn't fix enough for me to justify keeping the game so I just got it refunded. I will either have to wait until I can afford a better PC or afford a next gen console and wait for that release. So disappointed and mad.
  14. Yup. One of my bigger complaints was dealing with this. Early on I noticed it. I just got to a point where I couldn't even deal with this stuff anymore. At times it was laughable but the game is so unbalanced.
  15. I won't give any spoilers, I mean I haven't even finished the game myself (I have to wait now), but the game legit feels like it was not completed. There are parts that don't line up with what they told us prior to launch. The interactions feel empty with some of the characters and NPCs. There are just.... so many many bugs. I know other games have come out buggy as this, Witcher 3 being one of the bigger ones but they have been working on this game for YEARS. Why did they promise a release date and push it back 5 times only to give us what feels like an unfinished product? I feel like I
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