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  1. Yeah we will see about this. lol I just jumped ship and started playing it on PC. I wanted to play it on console but at this point, I am having more fun with the game thanks to mods so it was a happy accident.
  2. I did not know this was a thing! I was actually googling stuff to preview it before. I am shocked I didn't come across the site sooner. Thanks OP!
  3. Playing with it already and loving it. If you like to mess around with mods, this one is a fun one and one I would recommend everyone on PC trying out. It doesn't require and special codes or menus or anything.
  4. I thought she was one of of few that stood out among what felt to be very empty shells in terms of characters. I don't know if this was down to recording or what but I really didn't connect with many of them.
  5. In case anyone wants to play with cheats, I figured I would share them here. *You can only use these cheats on PC so keep that in mind* First you have to install Cyber Engine Tweaks which you can find here: https://wiki.cybermods.net/cyber-engine-tweaks/ / https://github.com/yamashi/CyberEngineTweaks/releases/tag/v1.8.2 The path may be different for you depending on where you have the game installed. Once you find the directory with the installation folder, you extract the files to Cyberpunk install path)/bin/x64. You might want to disable overlays while running the mod. O
  6. I feel like this was overlooked or something. When doing any kind of stealth, things get incredibly dark and if I turn up the brightness too much, the game just looks terrible. I feel like they should have considered this to be an actual tool in the game for people who either have trouble seeing in low-light areas or just generally because it is the future and you expect people to have night vision implanted into them with everything else.
  7. Yeah I did. I just mentioned in another thread that they might have been holding off because of the conflict between the companies.
  8. Yeah I got my refund. I don't know what was going on but you could be right. This could have been while they were discussing pulling the game off the network and didn't want to refund everyone yet. I ended up getting the PC version over the weekend.
  9. I know a few people who ended up getting the console, my one friend has it and had to go through the process of returning it to get it fixed/replaced. Now he is having issues with the game. So it is like... wtf man. He regrets getting both.
  10. This is what I did and they are refusing to give me one and I can't figure out why. No one has responded to my last message either. I am getting frustrated.
  11. My older sister is playing the game with her husband and as a joke, every time she sees one she has been taking a picture of it on her phone and sending it to me. My conversation with her went from 6 to over 150 and a good portion of them are pictures. I got one while in the store and the woman behind me in line saw it and rolled her eyes at me. lol
  12. I got it on PS4 as well. For some reason, they won't refund me. I am not sure what is going on. It is very annoying. My friend offered to give me $30 to put towards the PC version since he has the money just sitting on Steam. I think it was some kind of gift thing he never used but I don't wanna spend another $30 on a game right now. Ugg.
  13. Yes and no. It does seems to run better but there are still issues with the game. Like the graphics drop to 2D renders at times. I think the patch fixed the crashing because that isn't happening anymore but still having issues with graphics and bugs.
  14. Oh you mean they skipped out on playing the game for reviews due to issued they had earlier? Like the delay we had that pushed the game back until today? If that is the case, then what if people playing on systems have issues?
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