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  1. Same. I think I know what you are talking about. We will see news on it soon, I am sure of it. I am not too worried as I decided to get the game on PC anyways.
  2. Looking back at what we will have options for, I am going to say around an hour. I don't mind taking my time for stuff like this because I rather quite enjoy it. When I first got into WoW, I spent over an hour deciding on my character's looks and class, all that. This is a lot more complex than that.
  3. ^ That is a solid point. It would take a lot more time and energy to have this be an option in this game because you would need to have basically two separate animations for basically everything in the game.
  4. As mentioned by a few others, they reduce the amount of cars on the road to create a more enjoyable driving experience for the player. Not much more to it I'm afraid. Nothing to worry about though, you won't notice it as much playing the game.
  5. I am just curious if we will have the option to port our own music into the game while we are driving around. Similar to how GTA V did for PC players. Does anyone know if this will be a thing or not?
  6. Yeah I saw this too. It is nuts to think of something like this being up 300%. Like imagine if California's major cities were up 300%. It is already bad there as it is. My brother lives there and is moving to another state. He can't take the state of it. There is legit garbage and human feces on sidewalks all over the place. I am thinking they might show a lot of this in the game to make it feel real. Just really run down areas that are completely neglected.
  7. I think the color is fine, the design is not that great though. Like bright colors like this never really look good on planer styles of mice or keyboards for that manner. It reminds me of the late 90's and early 2000's, nothing futuristic about it.
  8. I know a few of the names but never actually heard the music. I listen to a very narrow niche so a lot of the popular names of today go right over my head. I am fine with it thought cause most mainstream music, I find it sounds awful. I hope it is not the case for this game's soundtrack.
  9. Like Bomberman said, we are going to be criminals for the most part going against other criminals. When we do get body mods done, a lot of it will likely be in illegal garages where imports and illegal tech gear is used and implanted in people.
  10. I noticed in a lot of what has been shown, there has been minimal cases of blood looking or feeling realistic in the game. Like there is no splattering effects or anything of the sort. Is this how the entire game is going to be?
  11. I don't see anything on the topic and I have looked. Nothing mentioned on Twitter, Reddit, anywhere. So if it does, it will likely be minimal. I think they care more about what you do than how you drive.
  12. I am fine with it being anything over 50 hours. I have played so many games that were 30 or less and it just feels like the time goes too fast and I end up completing the game in only a few days. I want to be able to enjoy this one and have it last me at least a month before I complete it for the first time.
  13. I am sure they will have at least one more. We are a month and a half or so out from release so they will probably launch another one at the beginning of November and then maybe one after that for the holiday season.
  14. I'll be driving more once I have seen everything. That, and I look forward to messing around with the cars. Some of the models of them look really cool and I think you can put mods on them too.
  15. It certainly will! I can't wait because I have an idea of how people will be just 10 years from now based on current trends so seeing it somewhat predicted several years into the future, it is is going to be a mess but in a great way (for a video game anyway, I wouldn't want to live in that world lol).
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