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  1. I couldn't tell you. LOL I think most people believe it is but they are saying after updates and patches fix the major issues. I guess the same kind of responses on here can be read elsewhere online.
  2. Was going to say basically the same thing. People always fall for this stuff online. I mean they have since the last '90s. Gotta make sure you check sources.
  3. I am guessing cheat codes will never be a think on console, right? I think they should have included basic ones that are unlocked after you beat the game once. I know a number of people who love messing around with them.
  4. I didn't really get to know either character enough to make a judgement call on which female lead is better but most people seem to prefer Panam for one reason or another. I think they both look great and their personalities, from what I got to know, were good for the times.
  5. A friend of mine was asking me about this stuff. I never got far enough in the game to unlock much of anything (PS4 lol) so I will send him this link. I didn't know you could actually collect that many items from Johnny. Nice.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I honestly didn't know what was going on or what to think when it happened. I thought Sony was just done with them for good but knowing it is going to eventually be put back, I will likely get the PS5. I almost was going to change my mind and go with the Xbox Series X over it.
  7. I remember someone talking about this on another site and someone saying they got in touch with the devs and they were going to fix this. I don't know if it was meant to be fixed in the last update or not, I kind of doubt it, but they are aware of the issue at least.
  8. This is something they could probably add in the game through DLC I am sure. It can't take that much for it. For all we know, the coding is already there for it and it will be a thing like Kyle said.
  9. I am still pretty salty. I bought it on the PS4 and maybe that was my fault. I should have just waiting until I got the PS5 or something. Either way, I don't want to see them take a huge hit and never finish the game but I also don't blame investors for going after them over it.
  10. That is pretty cool. I would not have the time or patience to do something like this but appreciate when other people do. Going to bookmark the page for when I play the game again.
  11. Yeah even the PC version is having issues, just not nearly as many as other platforms. Still though, it seems like they rushed the game and didn't properly fix issues. They let us all down.
  12. I wasn't going to rate it but for now, it is sitting at a 1 from me. I bought it for PS4 and have had nothing but issues. Got a refund and now I have to wait to play it until I can afford upgrades for my computer.
  13. Damn right they did and I can't blame them. But of BS what they did to us. Get us hyped, then delay the game, then get us hyped, then delay the game... All is said and done and they release an unfinished game.
  14. I will keep this in mind. I can't play it right now, my specs aren't good enough. It would only just run and I don't want to deal with all the issues on a slow PC.
  15. I got mt refund. I see they decided to just take it off the marketplace on PS4 as well. Is this the same for PS5? Either way, I am working on getting a few parts for my PC and I will just play it on there when I can. I am not going to worry about it right now. If I get money for Christmas, I will use that, if not, good chance I won't be playing the game till late January, maybe even February...
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