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  1. You are probably right but I think VR is still several years out from being anything special. I mean it is decent now but I think it will be another 10+ years before it is more mainstream. I don't know many people who have VR headsets still and it is 2020.
  2. I thought I would post this. It seems they want to have the game ready for the next gen consoles as well. They want to be able to have the game running smoothly on PC, current gen, and next gen. I didn't know they were getting the game ready for the next consoles. I assumed we wouldn't get those games for another year or something. Does this mean they will be releasing them this year for the PS5? Also, why couldn't they just release it for PC on time and wait for the other ones?
  3. Yup. We have to consider what will be a thing then. I actually like making comparisons to other shows and films that take place in the future. A lot of them have not touched completely on what Cyberpunk 2077 has.
  4. A lot. And I meant A LOT. Not to mentioned a lot of the fanbase is lashing out and likely pulling out of preorders if they can. This is a pretty big mess. I just hope they sort through it all.
  5. ^ Yeah I would say so. They spent tons of money on their advertisement campaign. I don't know what would cause it but we have to just chill out and be patient. I am sure they will speak out about it once the flames calm down a bit. A lot of people are VERY angry right now. I am disappointed, sure, but I am not going to get mad over it.
  6. I think there were points in a few of the trailers that seem to show them fighting in the background with each other. I wish I could remember what video I saw this in to show you. I think we will see them interacting with each other through scripted dialog on a loop.
  7. I thought at first they did this for the sake of showing and testing the game but I looked into it more and the people who said they purposely remove a lot of the cars on the road is true. When you access your vehicle (get in or on it) you will notice a lot of cars seem to vanish but you will still see enough on the roads for it to feel lively.
  8. Yeah they did good. Got a nice mix of options. Both male and female characters look ascetically pleasing which is to be expected in this kind of world.
  9. No, I don't think it will all be illegal. I am sure there are cases where you can get work done at a legit place people go to. Unless all tech outside of this area of the country has banned it, I don't see how all of it would be illegal.
  10. Same. Just being able to walk the streets and accidentally bump someone and they do "watch it dude" and little things like that I really enjoy in open world games.
  11. Oh yes. It will be dark as hell. I think it is going to highlight a lot of our current flaws in humanity but in a futuristic setting. I expect there to be genuine WTF moments in the game as well.
  12. Outside of the mandatory attachments, yes you can. I don't see the big deal either for people wondering why someone would play this way. The game is designed to play the way you want to play and be the kind of criminal you want to be.
  13. This is what I was thinking. I have never heard of a game being released before the actual date but I could be wrong. I have also always went with physical copies when it came to console gaming so maybe it will be different for the digital release, no idea.
  14. I noticed that as we are getting closer to the game's release, they have only been showing us footage of the game being played on PC. I have yet to see any of it being tested or played on the Xbox One or the PS.
  15. Really a shame though, that mindset. Cause not all business men and women are corrupt. Just because some are, doesn't mean they all are. That is getting too political though. Don't want to take this off topic.
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