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  1. Yeah, that is what it handles. It just means that the mouths will move according to the language and not the characters themselves making it more of a seamless look.
  2. I am almost positive this is not an option but it could be added later, I am sure. I would rather they update the stations themselves though and just add new tracks and commercials to them to keep them fresh.
  3. For those of us who aren't very creative or just want to save time and jump right into the game, does anyone know if there will be a randomized option to create V in a pinch? I haven't seen anything on this so I am not entirely sure.
  4. Same. I feel like it is only standing out because people are really looking at every detail when they show video footage, game play, and pictures of the game.
  5. The ads really give you an idea of what kind of world they are living in. They released a number of them to look at as well so you can see them before the game comes out.
  6. I bet there will be an underground market for this stuff too. Like many you need to do side missions to get parts from rival gangs in order to do new body modification on yourself. This is one of the aspects of the game I am most looking forward to actually.
  7. This was shown in either 2019 and 2018. I know they recently retweeted it. I am shocked no one else caught onto it right away. No more people seem to know about it though. I don't know what it means for him or his car but still pretty cool.
  8. I would imagine it will be like most other games. Because graphics have gotten so good, a lot of games have to be toned down and toned back when presenting to the general public like mentioned because of ratings.
  9. I guess. I mean for all I know this might be something I try doing. It just seems odd because you would expect most people to take full advantage of the body mods and what not in the game.
  10. Oh for sure. The whole selling point of the game is being able to do what you want and so long as you are a good criminal, you never pay the cost of your bad choices.
  11. I feel like he meant this on the terms of letting technology control too many aspects of our lives and how a separation from law can result in gang run cities and people living in fear.
  12. Someone I know mentioned this. He was thinking it was a virus or a bug in the chip that V has implanted. I just can't see this being the case though because he appears to be keeping V in line with the story.
  13. Why would you want to do that though? Like given that you can legit mod the body of V in the game and they encourage it, why would you play by avoiding technology?
  14. Yeah that and it will play a role in criminal activity. Maybe your car will be spotted outside a bad area and you have to either hide it for a bit or risk a gang coming after you on the streets.
  15. If I find the standard or default to be too easy, I will bump it up but I think it will be enough for me. I don't want the game to end up being a pain to get through.
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