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  1. So running it on Linux effectively keeps it from freezing up or lagging? What about missions getting stuck? If it helps with that, which has to be one of my major annoyances, I will set it up on my PC.
  2. Is it as simple as they say to run it? I normally don't use mods but I was curious about this one when I saw a YouTuber I watch playing with it. It seems like it can make the game more fun in many ways.
  3. She is an interesting character but also feels plain at times. If you play as a male V, you can romance her and things feel more meaningful with her character this route which is good but still. I have to agree, the main story could have used more of her deep soul interactions.
  4. I expected there to be a good amount of it considering these people live in a culture of hyper-sexuality and many of them are more cyborg than human.
  5. In case you didn't know, Judy would only romance with a female V and Panam with a male V. This was set up this way on purpose. Panam only interacts sexually with men and Judy with women. The modders that found these lines under the male V's voice are said to be there just in case something was overlooked and not directly tied in with Judy's character. Source: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-01-05-cd-projekt-clarifies-cyberpunk-2077-judy-romance-after-modders-unearth-unused-male-voice-lines
  6. Blame Canada. ...lol In all seriousness, I don't know who to blame. The game has issues and I just want them fixed. Blaming specific people or whatever does nothing. Let them know you are not happy and move on. Wait until they fix it.
  7. Nah it wasn't. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that they wanted to hold out until next year but because they already established a date in 2020, they felt pressured to get it out this year. I feel like they should have just said due to the covid outbreak, it will be released early 2021 and people could have went on about their business.
  8. The game launched with a lot of issues. It was clearly rushed and not finished but I think they felt they had to release it because the fans were freaking out. So with that, I give it a 7.
  9. There was too much hype behind the game for it not to do well in sales. Even with all the bugs and other issues, people still held onto their games and continued playing them or at least are waiting it out until issues are fixed.
  10. I think it is. They just did another patch/update and plan to do more in the near future. Based on what I seen with other games they have handled, they stick to fixing issues until they are fixed.
  11. Well, I tried playing on XB1 and it was not good. I was really mad about the quality and the amount of bugs. I decided to just get it on PC and I am getting a refund for the XB1 version. Since playing on PC, I feel a bit better about the game but it is still far from perfect. There are some weird glitches happening and the dialog between characters seems choppy. Like you will hear them talking right over V all the time.
  12. Yeah I noticed this. I mean it just feels like they are ghosts in shells or something. No substance to them. They feel less real than the ones in other games I have played and they made us believe they were going to be these amazing interactive features in the game.
  13. I hated this part. Like I think it was meant to be enjoyable but I just found it annoying. it was either too simple or too confusing for what needed to be done. I got through it though and once you are past it, the mechanics aren't as tedious and annoying.
  14. I am not going to bother with it. I already got it on PC. I know they did a patch though that is meant to fix issues for consoles. Anyone get the patch and notice any differences?
  15. I am working on getting one. The game is just not playable on console. It is struggling with so many different things and crashes way too often. I did end up buying it on PC since working out the process of getting a refund but I noticed issues on there as well. Not nearly as bad but still.
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