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  1. Was going to say the same. Games would take a lot longer to develop if they included things like this and I can't see them using extra time and money to include it as an option when VR is not part of the game.
  2. They won't release a track list until after the game is out but that video gives you a taste of it. The one with the featured artists. I'm not too fussed over the music. If it ends up being bad, I will just tune it out.
  3. I am just happy they will appear to have lives. If they don't get arrested or fight each other, no issue for me. Just being able to have NPCs in the background of the city appearing to be more real is something really exciting for me.
  4. I can't see myself spending an hour on it but I also can't see myself being done in 10 minutes so I went with 30. For all I know though, it might end up being complex and enjoyable to the point where I spend a lot of time on this. We will see.
  5. As I get older, I put more value in certain things and see the reality that most video gaming is just time wasting. I can own and accept that. I could be doing more productive things but sometimes I just don't want to and I am thankful for games like Cyberpunk 2077 who let me ignore the fact that I am wasting time but enjoying it more lol
  6. Not all of it but certainly most of it lol We are going to be street criminals going after other criminals. Lots of stuff we do will not be kosher, so to speak. lol
  7. They show people digging in the trash and out in the bad lands, you can see people just roaming so I am sure it will reflect this in the game to a certain degree.
  8. Why do people act like this for the next new song, movie, or TV series to come out? People just like to think of entertainment as more than wasting time. At least that is my opinion on it.
  9. This seems to be the best approach. Maybe we will have a more clear indicator the close to the time the game is going to be set for release but for people trying to take off work in advance, it kind of screwed you up.
  10. Okay, that is what I thought. I never heard it phrased that way. It seems like generally, this is likely more about general players. Not people looking to speed run the game. That is a whole different game. lol
  11. 12AM UTC-5 is the official time. I am in the EST zone so it will be released at 7PM on November 18th. Just check and see what time it would be for your area according to the UTC-5 time zone.
  12. Other than this story and complaints from people on social sites, I have not seen anything from the actual creators of devs that would imply they are unhappy with what is going on. Likely just a BS assumption story. Just ignore it.
  13. The all styles is the average? I guess 90 hours seems logical and reasonable for people taking their time and trying to complete most of the game.
  14. That is what I thought when I heard about it. Maybe the source was wrong. I haven't looking into this in months so for all I know it could be set up how you said, they are just untouchable.
  15. Yeah, you are right. I completely forgot about that. I remember reading about it too but it completely slipped my mind. So yeah, three things it is. I am almost 100% certain that is it.
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