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  1. Going to mess around with this tonight. I wanted to wait until I had more free time to mess around with mods. This one seems to be the easiest to download, install, and run though.
  2. Ran into a new glitch with the cops the other day. I was driving and parked my car, got out, and someone reacted as if I hit them. The cops showed up but were VERY far down the road. It was really weird but they still managed to land bullets on me.
  3. In case anyone wanted to unlock all the legendary and/or iconic clothing pieces, I found a site you can use to find them all. I found most on my own but struggled with a few and came across this page. It helped me complete the collection. Thought I would share it. The list of items and the link to the page below: Legendary Clothing Head Blooming Amber Bandana Cushioned Techie Baseball Cap Media Baseball Cap With Reactive Layer Shoes Cushioned Aramid-Sole Techie Shoes Waterproof Badge Combat Boots Elastiweave Fixer Shoes With Reinforced
  4. Yeah they appear to be but also have added text. So I think it depends on the items. I don't know about the weapons or anything those might be a bit different.
  5. Las Vegas on all sorts of drugs as well. haha I think they did a really good job with this though and the fact that they used fans and gamers for the ads is even better.
  6. A friend of mine is a lawyer and we were talking about this the other day. He said something like this can be dragged out for years before it gets settles and if they were smart, that is what they will do. This way if they have to bite the bullet and give them back their money, they will have already made some off the game and not take that big of a hit.
  7. I'll keep an eye on it. I am curious to see what they give us first. With everything I feel we missed out on in the game, I am hoping they listen to the fans and make some logical additions.
  8. I think they will end up using it for DLC. Seems silly to have something like this in the game and not have it functioning. It would be one of the largest "props" that are unusable in the entire game.
  9. Well at least they let everyone know the game will eventually come back. Who knows how long it will take. Hopefully 2021 is a lot kinder and things improve for them for all our sakes lol
  10. A fan made an entire website to look at clothing and other items before you buy them which is something I am very happy to see. I didn't understand why this was not an option in the dang game. Another question I have for the devs... lol You can check it out here: https://www.cyberpunk404.net/
  11. This happens on PC too, since the update. I have seen NPCs fall through the map too. One time I was driving and half the car sunk into the map and I couldn't get out. Had to restart the damn game.
  12. How would this function in the game? I am curious because I have heard this being suggested before but no one ever went into detail on it.
  13. As of now, 5/10. This can change with patches and updates but I don't think it is worth more than giving it a 5. Good looks can only get you so far.
  14. Yeah this is why I save a lot and save often. It seems to happen too much. I mean for me, it is happening every like 30 minutes depending on the mission and where I am in the story. It is frustrating because I have to stop everything and go back into the game just to enjoy it. One time it happened twice in less than 10 minutes and I just stopped playing the game for the day.
  15. So this is what I am being told. I have not tried it but apparently, if you can get the game to run on Linux, a lot of the issues you would normally have you just don't. This is pretty interesting considering how poorly the game is running elsewhere. Anyone here try this?
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