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  1. I remember reading about this spot. This is one of the places I was most interested in exploring. I feel like this is going to be a spot that has a lot of hidden gems too cause it was once a resort area.
  2. From what I read and heard, it will be pretty in your face. You know the strippers from GTA V? Yeah, imagine that but more detailed and actual "acts" happening. So this was indeed a wise thing to add! lol
  3. I am find with big companies having a solid footing in the industry but there is no reason for Google to expand into gaming. There already have too much. I won't support them. Sorry. I would much rather support a Japanese corporation like Sony.
  4. The more I read on the game too, the more and more dark it is seeming. Like this is the kind of game that could warp a child's mind if that is the case. Not good!
  5. Depending on how your place handles breaks, might be able to get some time in on Cyberpunk while you eat your lunch! lol I am jealous of people who have this as an option.
  6. I did. I only took off on the 19th so I can stay up late tonight to play the game. I will just use tomorrow to do some pre-holiday stuff. I am not sure how my family is planning Thanksgiving at this point.
  7. Same for me. I don't know if people really understand gaming when they let their kids play this kind of stuff though. Like my parents didn't care. They thought "this stuff is cartoons and fake". But if you think like that today and buy your 8 year old GTA V... You are going to have a child with a boat load of questions on your hands.
  8. I'll just be mainly working and shopping. I have to buy some christmas stuff. Likely going to do that all online. I was able to get a few days off around the time of the release which I am happy about. Looking forward to zoning out and forgetting what a mess this year has been.
  9. My step-bro managed to get two consoles preordered in time. Both of them ended up having issues. One was meant to be for him and the other a gift for our dad since he just retired over the summer and needed something fun to do. Unfortunately, he don't know if he will be able to have them both fixed in time. They are telling him he has to send them in individually and on separate dates. It is a mess.
  10. You nailed it on the head. People are too privileged and entitled these days and it shows when they don't have things their way. Life is not fair for anyone. Life is a gamble. Suck it up and be an adult or spend your life being miserable.
  11. I am not one to follow music too heavily for games but thanks for listing the tracks and sharing that post. Someone on that posts made a Spotify playlist of the music that is available:
  12. Yup. There was no indication of there being anything related to the water. I would be surprised. It isn't needed. The flying ships will be cool to have in game though, even if you can;t control them. Even if they do it like West World where the ships are AI controlled and function as a fast travel option.
  13. I mean I like the design and the way it looks. If it was under $60, I'd probably get one. I wouldn't spend this much on a mouse though, no way.
  14. I really don't know. I know a lot of people who didn't bother preording because they said they aren't getting anything for it. I know it helps to support them prior to the game being released, the company I mean but other than that, I can't seem to find a reason to preorder.
  15. Ya know what... I am beginning to think that a lot of our social issues right now can be solved by just getting rid of Twitter and Facebook. Let's go back to only using forums again, like this one. People were more civil (mostly anyway) and people can stick to their own little corner of the internet.
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