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  1. Yeah I got that vibe too. A lot of the main characters almost feel forced. Like they are neutral in their emotions and are being held hostage or something.
  2. What does Beast Mode do? I haven't tried it out or anything. I know some other people were having issues with this though and this was a few weeks back. I just assumed it was a bug.
  3. Added these to a file. Going to DL the mod console and play around with it later. Thanks for the information OP. I was wondering why we didn't have cheat options in the game.
  4. I was looking through this the other day and was laughing. Like the amount of people that believed it and were sharing it. It just goes to show how easily fake news and lies are spread in the world. The information age brought us the smart age and now we are in the dumbed-down age. It is pretty scary! Glad they addressed it super fast though.
  5. If that does happen, like they end up losing massive investments, the game will likely tank and only a select fan base will be left. I won't bother with it anymore if that is the case. Development will be even slower than it was with all their supporters.
  6. Said that the other day to a friend. He thought he was meant to find one somewhere and overlooked it. I told him there are no night vision upgrades or flashlights. It just seems weird to have very dark areas and no options for this.
  7. They are going to do their best not to bleed any more money. That is what anyone in their position would do. I am sure they have good lawyers on their side. Just sucks but this is what happens when you rush a game.
  8. I saw this coming from day one. With all the issues on consoles alone, that was enough to do it. Sony is pissed with them. A lot of investors in many areas are not happy. I can't blame them at all.
  9. Anytime this happens, I just quit and relaunch the game. No point in trying to wait for it to fix itself. Sometimes it will after 30 seconds to a few minutes, other times it does nothing.
  10. I actually just read about this the other day. I had no idea it was part of a bug. It seems like they aren't all over as much since the last fix but they are still sprinkled in areas a bit more than they should be.
  11. I enjoy it but I have always loved neon colors (look at the name lol). I feel like people just aren't used the this kind of color scheme. Most people I talk to thinks it looks amazing and the menu layout itself is good or at least good enough.
  12. Play around with it more, you will notice it. I was on the side of a building and had them spawn by me, like right next to me. It is very weird how they function. Sometimes they are overpowered and other times, they seem weak and uninterested in catching me.
  13. The emptiness is what bothers me. Like I can be in what is meant to be the busiest part of the city in the afternoon and count maybe 14 people. There should be WAY more in these areas. I don't know if they plan on increasing it after the bugs are fixed or what.
  14. I added a poll. Share your thoughts and vote. I want to see what people are voting for in terms of the overall score and their experiences. Don't post any kind of story-based spoilers in the thread please.
  15. Glad I could help. I think for console players, this should work now since the patch was released so if you still have the game, give it a try again. I had a few people confirm that it works fine now and makes an improvement.
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