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  1. I'll take my time going through everything but I don't see myself sitting on that for too long. I will probably give it a good 20 or 30 minutes. Make sure I see each detail and I am happy with my choices.
  2. I saw some people complaining on Discord, one of the servers I am on about this just the other day. Someone said something a long the lines of "paying for an unfinished game". I couldn't even get into the conversation and how stupid that thought process was with him. And yeah, this is normal for all games. Heck, it is normal for movies, TV shows, and even music albums.
  3. They didn't have to but I see what you are saying. Like if we were all given the option to alter our bodies and looks in the real world and have it function better than what we have currently, a lot of us would get work done to be more attractive.
  4. You think? Some of the car names, brands, and models seem pretty cool. I wouldn't mind doing this on my V. Getting a logo somewhere.
  5. Neon

    NPC Theft?

    If they allow it they have to know people will do it. This is why they are keeping kids safe from it entirely. I mean like child npcs. I can see what you are saying, by not rewarding it, it doesn't give people a reason to but they will find a reason lol
  6. This is something I was going to point out. There are advertisements that show how the tech world has become a clear part of "plastic surgery". Plenty of people have fake jaws, teeth, hair, eyes, and even limbs.
  7. I know we can have tattoos in the game so maybe we will have the option to do this on V but with other car make decals. Like if we really like a car, we can get it tatted on us. Would be pretty cool.
  8. Neon

    NPC Theft?

    I don't even know if they drop money. Now I am wondering if you can get anything at all from targeting random NPCs on the street. I will have to look into this a bit more.
  9. Yeah I think so. There is a nice mix. You can easily make a dude that looks like a male model if you wanted to. I think that more recent titles (the last 5 or so years) have done a better job with this.
  10. Yeah it was indeed mentioned that the cars aren't as apparent when you are in a car. I am guessing this serves as not only a game mechanic (to make it easier to drive and get places) but also to reduce frame rate issues on current gen consoles.
  11. I don't see the issue with this. I mean maybe you want to play as someone who is apposed to the tech-dominate world. Like V can be going against that "norm" of 2077 or something.
  12. I remember reading that Johnny hates corpos and since he is in V's head no matter the path, I am wondering if he will act a bit differently if you choose this path vs others. Same goes for other characters, I can't imagine a lot of street thugs being a fan of this path either.
  13. I don't know what I will do more. I guess this depends on where the story takes us. Like if you spend a lot of time in the city, in places where you can walk there and it not take long, then I will walk otherwise I will drive.
  14. I like the only notion of what makes someone a criminal is getting caught. So effectively, if you are a good criminal, you aren't a criminal at all. That is how corrupt the streets are.
  15. I think GTA is 48 minutes which puts it at 24 minutes being 12 hours. I would guess this format is more likely than an uneven 10 minutes to 12 hours.
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