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  1. Do you think if enough people complain they will fix this or is this something that is not even fixable with a patch/update? I don't know if it can be done myself.
  2. I can't deny that. I think you are right. The hype is over and I just don't see very many people talking about it outside of places like here and maybe reddit.
  3. I wondered this. I didn't play through again to find out but I thought maybe they would have these characters swap "sexual roles" or possibly be open to both. Glad I didn't waste the time. That is interesting that they left these voices in the game though.
  4. I am not one to dabble with cheats normally unless they are built into the game but these seem fairly easy to use. I would prefer a menu vs a console but I can still work with this. Thanks for posting the list.
  5. Oh absolutely. The game is far from perfectly but it is not a terrible game. People seemed to have calmed down and cooled off quite a bit now so opinions are changing.
  6. https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/dlc You can check it out at the link above. Nothing to see there just yet but we should expect to see their first turn out of free DLC early into 2021. Not sure what it will be. I haven't heard anything on it in terms or rumors or anything.
  7. This isn't a shocker to me. Like Ghost mentioned, people kept the game. While they had a ton of refunds, plenty still carried on with it hoping for fixes and patches.
  8. On PC, yes, on console, no. Even on PC, you are going to have issues but at least the game is playable. I would not recommend bothering if your computer isn't a solid build though.
  9. That is a good question. I mean it seems like there are parts of the game where is is almost necessary yet we don't have any kind of option of the sort. They must have overlooked this for sure.
  10. Spotted this story on Bloomberg. Yikes. So they are now vowing to defend themselves "vigorously" against any such claims. They already started digging their own grave before the game was launched with delay after delay and no logical person can say this game is what it was intended to be. The fact that they are going to deny everything just seems foolish.
  11. They do seem to act... Weird. I don't know what it is but they never acted right from the start. Maybe they will patch them up or something. Seems rather stupid how they make minimal effort to go after you sometimes and other times they just keep spawning in front of you.
  12. I got refunded for the Xbox Series X. I didn't bother waiting for the patch. I just wanted to play the game. The refund was received almost instantly which I was happy about.
  13. It helped a bit on console but I ended up getting a refund to play on PC. I turned the settings off like recommended and right out the gate, things ran smooth. Thanks OP.
  14. They are cool. I know of a lot of anime shows and manga that feature them and I have kind of have a low-key obsession with them since my teens so I loved seeing them in the world.
  15. I ended up getting a refund and needing to buy a piece for my PC just to play it on there. Very annoying. Set me back but luckily I was able to just pick it up and get it installed right away. I am glad most people are getting refunded easier. Sorry for everyone who had to go through with this.
  16. Not surprised to see this kind of stuff happening. There is a guy on Twitter who has several accounts doing this as well. I heard about it from someone else. Best to avoid all platforms that can't be trusted at the moment. I hope none of these trolls find this place and post here. I would be pretty darn mad.
  17. Yeah, I saw this. I was shocked. Like I thought they would ensure everyone got the game and was able to play it at the same time so nothing was spoiled. I don't think they were prepared for this launch.
  18. This is an issue on playstation. It will reset and fix the time. It has nothing to do with changing your zone. A lot of people are complaining about it right now.
  19. I never trust reviews prior to the launch. We don't know who these people are or how fairly they rate games. I follow independent gamer blogs and the like to get feedback on stuff. It is more honest and fair I find.
  20. The phone is nice, like the style and all but I highly doubt this one will be ported to work outside of China. A lot of these limited edition phones don't workout side the general area they are produced in.
  21. I am glad there is, even if it is limited. A big part of a major city like this is being able to travel underground so I am hoping they have subway stations all over the city, even if you can't explore the tunnel systems.
  22. Yes and no. I mean I have things I can have fun with but anytime I start thinking about CP2077, then I just want to read about it and can't focus on anything else. I was like this before when it was "close" to launch but we have never been this close.
  23. I guess you can't check them all before boxing and shipping them out either. That would cost a ton of cash to do. It is unfortunate that any of them are defective but at least they are good about replacements.
  24. That is a good question. I will have to do a bit of digging and see if I see anything about this. I am curious too. I don't know what button would be used for this though on a controller.
  25. Yup but I was able to go in on Saturday and Friday. Someone called off so I will end up with extra pay this upcoming check so I am happy about that.
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