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  1. Do you have a pic or video clip of what you saw? I am thinking that GridLock is right and you likely just saw a cut-scene. Not all cut-scenes will be in a certain camera format, some will be in a FP view.
  2. I think they did a great job! I like how the male and female characters both look. They can be attractive but they can also be unattractive. You can tweak it to your preferences of how you want V to look.
  3. Nice. I am not too familiar with Witcher 3 but I remember reading about this and seeing video examples of it on YouTube and I was really impressed. Knowing they took this model and made it even better is great. This will likely be incorporated in other games going forward.
  4. Yeah I feel you on that. It is more obvious when you have more responsibilities. Some people have kids, some are married, some work full time jobs and have to juggle friends and family into their life.
  5. Yeah, they just make it less apparent by adjusting some settings. Some games in the past have had this as an option in game for players. They might have that be a thing for this one, who knows.
  6. I know some of the artists and I am familiar with their work. I think that the tracks in the game, for the most part, were made specifically for the game though. So these artists have songs that aren't even out yet that will be featured in the game.
  7. The game is going to be violent and filled with gore when it needs to be represented. Like others have mentioned, it will more than likely just toned down a bit.
  8. I think you are right. It is more common with younger people, teens and people in their 20's. I am in my 30's and don't really see or hear of that kind of mindset with these things anymore.
  9. I am sure there will be points in the game where you get attacked by them. Maybe some of them are druggies and try to rob you, stuff like that. It is going to be apparent that there were nothing but criminals and homeless people everywhere.
  10. I saw a meme floating around about Silverhand being a car and I didn't get what it meant, now I do. They were making a Knight Rider reference and joke. lol Either way, that is just a decal right? Not actually on a Porsche?
  11. Anytime I see pieces like this, I always check the source of where it is coming from and no one is having issues at Projekt Red so this is just all hot water and nothing to pay attention to. Like Bomberman said, just ignore it.
  12. So I completely forgot about this. Mike Pondsmith said that this game serves as a warning, not an aspiration. In other words, we should not be excited for this kind of future, we should be terrified of it. I am wondering what levels of politics, social issues, and so on will be a part of the game and how dark it will get. Do you guys think there will be a lot of shock value here and the world will showcase how dark humanity can get?
  13. Not 100% sure yet because I don't know what the options are in terms of clothing and accessories. Like if I like the look for the feminine stuff more, I will play as a female but if I like how the masculine stuff looks more, I will play as a male but some of the stuff might be interchangeable anyway.
  14. Honestly though if it ends up tanking completely, I won't be bothered because the main part of the game is the story and that is what I am paying for.
  15. I will say walk for the sake of spending more time in the city but if I end up spending more time outside the city, I will end up driving more.
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