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  1. I saw this too. It seems like they want it to appear natural and real within the world. They did say that they have the NPC placements and characters in a way that mimic real life so they will appear more real from a distance but once you start to pay attention, you will see they loop.
  2. Yeah the ads showcase this concept. Tech is very much a part of everyone's life in the physical sense. I would guess that most people have some kind of modification, even if it is a simple microchip for identity purposes.
  3. 30 min or so. I don't intend on going overboard with it but I want to play around with my options. See if I can recreate V as a character inspired from another game.
  4. Yeah I noticed it but never gave it much thought. Just assumed he really liked his car. Given that the decal or car logo is in the game it is safe to assume the car is in the came right?
  5. I didn't even think of that. I think you are right. They already showcased a number of tracks on the Youtube channel. Going to go looking into this more now.
  6. I will be honest with you guys, I don't know a single one of these artists. LOL I guess that will make it better to experience their music because I have no idea what to expect! As for the OP... No, nothing has been released. I mean you can check under some of these artists but I doubt they are allowed to showcase the music until the game is released.
  7. Exactly. They could have used the coloring to boost sales but if they really wanted to be associated with the game, they would have been so my guess is the same. It is just an ugly yellow mouse people will buy just because of the price tag.
  8. This is right. I was going to mention this. The game itself looks best on PC so they will show it on PC. Until the game is out for next gen with the upgrades for graphics and what not, the PC game will be the one they showcase 95% of the time.
  9. I think in the outskirts of the city, we will. I can bet most of the people living in these areas will be homeless and in a bad way. All the money and such will be kept within the city and the homeless will be pushed out because it looks bad to have homeless where you want money to stay.
  10. From my understanding, yes. The average over all. Like whether a person plays slow, casually, or tries to speed run it and play as fast as they can. The average is what was mentioned from different play styles.
  11. Not really something I care about but cool that it is an option in the game for people who do. I feel like teeth of characters only matters when you are not playing a FPS.
  12. I think he is a real person who is communicated with V through a chip. Kind of like being in a skype call but in the future. So you can talk to someone and interact with them but you can't physically touch them because you are essentially a brain hologram.
  13. I wouldn't hate this but I am not sure I would like the game as much with this kind of ending. I really wouldn't know until I played the game and reached the ending.
  14. To give you an idea, the gameplay time for the Witcher 3 was: Main Story : 51 Hours Main + Extras : 102 Hours 100% Completion :172 Hours All Styles : 101 Hours So it will likely be around 90 hours for most people to complete the game unless you skip everything in which case it will likely be around 45-50 hours.
  15. They pretty much are these days. So many entitled people. Used to just be kids and teens but seeing people in their 30's, 40's, and even 50's like this is just sad. Either way, this game is going to really highlight a lot of human flaws.
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