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  1. It became the underground railroad. Probably just didn't finish it or had issues with it like many other aspects in the game. I am still hoping they actually make it functional in the future.
  2. This. If you are playing as a female V, then things feel cold and uninteresting as far as interactions go. Maybe this has to do with the "vibe" they were going for, I am not sure.
  3. There were some parts where I could see this but Panam clearly likes the company of men and Judy, women. I think the fact that they left the audio tracts for what was mentioned in the game does imply otherwise but it doesn't mesh with the personalities or story.
  4. Yeah there are. You will find the complete list on the console mod page. They will direct you to all the commands and everything there.
  5. Only 3 months? There are a lot of problems. Maybe I am overthinking things but 3 months doesn't seem like enough time.
  6. They should be thanking their lucky stars enough people kept it or didn't want to bother refunding it. I know some people who got it on PS or Xbox and just kept their physical copy and bought it for PC so that is two sales right there from each person.
  7. I haven't gotten the cyberware for this yet but good to know how to use it. I don't entirely know what it does, I kind of coasted through a lot of the game mindlessly. lol
  8. Going to send this to a friend. He was just asking me how to do this and I know nothing about the new consoles. I don't have one. Thanks for the info on it FearBoz.
  9. I don't know what all this fixed, like they said it fixed these issues but I am still noticing problems. Is there any word on when another fix is coming?
  10. The money loss and support alone had to suck. I don't know what they will do from here but they likely will get it back on the system after they fix the damn thing.
  11. I feel like this is down to a weapons bug. I noticed some other weapons that don't seem to register hits properly as well. When it comes to stealth, I don't even bother with guns. Half the time, I don't know if it will work or not.
  12. I made a thread about being stuck in missions. It really pisses me off man. Like I get that the game was released with issues but when you are getting stuck and can't move, having to reset time and time again, it becomes less and less worth it to actually play the game.
  13. I heard. I think the digital copies will not get any support after this so unless you own the physical copy, you won't be able to play the game on the consoles. At least that is what I heard, I don't know if this is accurate or not.
  14. Same for me. I can't rate it any higher considering all the bugs and issues. It is a shame because it looks great. It just does not function well.
  15. So I have been having this happen where a mission, a story placement, is taking place and it just does not advance. I try changing the wait time and nothing. I have to quit the game and go into another save in order to make it function. This is rather annoying considering it has happened to me like 7 times now. A few times I didn't save close enough to the point I was at and had to play through 40 min of gameplay again. Ugg...
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