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  1. I do wonder what they will be adding to it. If it is just general things like new cars, weapons, etc. that won't tie people over very long. They will have to either add to the main story or create new ones.
  2. Same for me. I just been playing multiplayer games. I am in no mood for a story game. I am waiting on CB2077 and the sooner it comes out, the sooner I can go back ti ignoring the world. lol
  3. This is nothing new. We kind of knew this for awhile that the online portion of the game was going to take at least a year after the normal release. Two seems more likely.
  4. Oh for sure it can. Heck a game like Call of Duty can do the same. Any game that is meant for adults should not be played by a child. I would say in some cases, 13+ is okay but not for this game, no way in hell.
  5. That is the thing. This is good for gaming companies but bad for record labels. Those are the ones who put up the issues with people and the live streaming of music.
  6. This started at the beginning of the year actually. It just feels like a couple of months ago because people started getting punished for it. That and not many people know the legal issues involved.
  7. Plans in terms of the day of the release? I will just be playing the game. Playing it as much as I can really. If things go to plan, my family has a holiday party that Friday so I am likely not going to be staying up too late playing.
  8. I had no idea this was a feature. Not sure I will need it but you never know. Could be a day I am playing the game and have someone over but very unlikely. I tend to only game at night when I am by myself.
  9. I only know one person who plays games on here and they don't do it very often. I feel like people who typically play on Stadia also have other options and typically buy all the consoles anyways.
  10. A kid wondering what a prostitute is will be the least of their worries. I hope parents out there who intend on playing the game realize Cyberpunk 2077 is not for kids and if they are even tempted to buy the game for a child, they look at the label and understand the rating.
  11. I got the PS5 on a whim. I am not seeing any issues with it but I can't speak for the Xboxes. Some people are saying stuff online but I honestly haven't seem much in my circle.
  12. I heard about this. They are going to say this just to shut people up about it. It doesn't mean it is true. They might still end up having to delay it again. They are just being hopeful.
  13. When I was younger, like 6 or 7, I was playing Mortal Kombat with my brother. Our parents bought us the games. I think back then though, it was a lot different. The gore and killing, fighting, violence was not realistic. It was cartoonish. Now it looks and feels so real in games that I wouldn't let my children play mature games.
  14. I don't mind reading the lists. They never spoil anything for me. They have ones hidden that do. So in a way, we are just seeing the minor ones here. The ones dealing with the story are likely just listed at hidden.
  15. I remember reading about this prior to the announcement. Thinking back, shortly before they announced the game was getting released, there was a rumor floating around that they were having issues with certain ports of the game matching the others and giving different issues/bugs. This was just a rumor but now I am think it was actually factual.
  16. Just keep an eye on their Twitter page. I don't think you need to be logged in or anything or even have an account if you don't to view it. They will likely post about it on there.
  17. I am kind of feeling the same. I think most people will be able to play the game even though it comes out closer to Christmas. I would wager there are more people who will have more free time vs less free time to play as well.
  18. I am with everyone who said the game is coming out next year. December is not a good release month. People are focused on Christmas and stressed over the holiday. That and the people who work at the company will be getting time off in December to spend it with family.
  19. It is funny because the amount of people having utter meltdowns was hilarious to me. I get being a little upset over it, it isn't good news, but of all the things in 2020 to get political and angry over, they choose this. lol
  20. If you go to a store and they don't have it, just ask about their next truck day for drinks. I think vendor companies stock these and when you know what day they come in, you have a greater chance at finding them.
  21. Yeah this is what I was thinking. A lot of these protests have been happening all year. I am sure they had other ones going on in Poland as well. This is just the biggest they have had in a while. I feel like even with this going on, they are still able to work and get things done. I mean there was protesting and rioting less than 10 minutes from me not too long ago and I was still expected to go to work and carry on.
  22. hahaha I had to man I thought this was funny because people keep making this meme over and over again. Also, here is a new one:
  23. I am really interested on seeing what they allow to be done. Like if you can get guns and such actually implanted in V's arms. I mean given the original teaser trailer with that woman, I can bet you it is possible.
  24. Yup. They will have a nice mix of everything in it. That is the beauty of a mature game. With that rating, you can go pretty far. Considering there are games out there about fighting nazis, this shouldn't surprise anyone. lol
  25. No clue. Not something I thought about. I mean it is something that could be in the game but most people will want to create their ideal character so I don't know if this is something they would include or not.
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