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  1. I am really interested on seeing what they allow to be done. Like if you can get guns and such actually implanted in V's arms. I mean given the original teaser trailer with that woman, I can bet you it is possible.
  2. Yup. They will have a nice mix of everything in it. That is the beauty of a mature game. With that rating, you can go pretty far. Considering there are games out there about fighting nazis, this shouldn't surprise anyone. lol
  3. No clue. Not something I thought about. I mean it is something that could be in the game but most people will want to create their ideal character so I don't know if this is something they would include or not.
  4. This is what I was thinking just because music can get boring after hearing it so many times. It is easier to just allow people to listen to what they want then updating and making new commercials, music, etc. for channels.
  5. I spotted this on a news feed, figured I would share it for anyone concerned or wondering about them cutting content from the final game. Source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/cyberpunk-2077/cut-content I have a friend who worked for a game development company who said similar things to what Miles did. Cutting things is very common and usually necessary to get the progress of the game on. Sometimes things are just too buggy or need more time to be figured out.
  6. Each path is said to have differences. Differences in how V interacts with people, how people interact with V, and some other hidden surprises. I am guessing they want us to play through each story for a complete picture.
  7. BUM FIGHTS! I am hoping that is a thing. You are just walking down the street at night and a few homeless people just start fighting over something. I have seen it so many times when I lived in the city. It is funny but so sad.
  8. To me, it didn't seem like it was during game play at all. When you see them going through a cut-scene the streets look busy but outside of that, I just don't see a reason why they would reduce the amount of cars just for the sake of you driving your car.
  9. Yeah, you are a right. I ended up finding it in another thread and watched the video. I did see if but completely glossed over this. I think you are right on the money with it.
  10. I saw some people complaining a few years back about how male characters in video games tend to be uglier than the females when both are highlighted in the game. In other cases, both are ugly (GTA V's creative characters comes to mind for this one). Do you think Cyberpunk 2077 did a good job at capturing attractive male characters?
  11. I didn't give this much thought. I remember hearing him say this. Wasn't it from a video on their YouTube channel? I don't know if he means it on a technology standpoint or a political/social one but it seems like this is not the kind of world we should be desiring for ourselves in the future.
  12. I like that you can play with weapons and perks, things of that sort that are not tech oriented but given the title and the genre it would make sense not to play this way. At least imo anyway.
  13. I saw it the other day when it was published. Love the vibe of it. Keanu did a great job in it and I am sure all his fan boys loved it. I don't think the song is too out of place because they did edit it and only used the part where she says "I'm the bad guy".
  14. If you are going to do this kind of stuff, may as well record it and share it with the world. I get a kick out of watching the stuff but can't be bothered to actually record anything lol
  15. I am shocked they are ramping up the workload but this is probably something that happens with most triple A title games. I don't think it necessarily means they are short on time or anything.
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