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  1. Finally going to rate it. I am giving it a 6/10. 2 points go to the general look and design of the city, 2 points go to character design, and 2 points go to general "feel" of playing the game. The story was not that good, there were bugs all over, mission freezes were annoying, the lack of "life" in the city was a disappointment, and it felt like a chore to play at times. Not a terrible game but I certainly would not have spent $60 on it had I known all this. I would have waited for a sale and paid $40 or less for it, because it is an unfished game in terms of testing and fixing issues.
  2. Maybe they intended on using this for DLC but someone ruined it? I always thought a lot of stuff like this was left in games for possible DLC down the road.
  3. Management and development roles in the gaming industry tend to be the same people. You will have people in charge of certain sectors but they still work on the dev team themselves. That is why you can't blame one without the other.
  4. It was on reddit. I am not sure if it came from somewhere prior to that. If you look at the link the OP sourced, you will see all the stuff they talked about removing. "The post also alleged censorship responsible for cutting more "edgy" scenes, like drug use with kids and priests and Hare Krishna side arcs. The writer expressed disappointment in the game's version of Johnny and stated that the original Johnny took inspiration from David Hayter's Solid Snake from the first Metal Gear Solid, as well as actor Cillian Murphy." Anyone could have just said this stuff and people would hav
  5. I still remember watching the video where they said specifically how "groundbreaking" it was going to be. I think most fans forgot this but plenty of us remember and it was just an annoyance to see it was not part of the final release.
  6. I had a lot of this happen about the 20 to 30% mark of the story. Like the percentage of completion I mean. It seemed like it was fine at the begging and a bit into the middle, fine at the end. Most of them happened right in that area for me.
  7. It does run it better. My buddy is playing it through Linux. Go figure. Is there anything Linux doesn't do better at this point? It still shocks me people would choose Windows over it.
  8. Yeah I can agree with this. The city looks beautiful but feels like a ghost town half the time. It doesn't help that a lot of cars disappear when you get in your own car either.
  9. Most of my friends bought it and kept it. I think people are more willing to wait things out since they saw that the company eventually fixed another big title they had not too long ago.
  10. Seen mixed feedback for this myself. I guess it helped some stuff, broke other stuff, and generally didn't help with people's biggest complaints. I guess it is fitting the game came out this year lol
  11. It isn't anymore. I think it was at the start. Few days before launch and a few days into launch. At this point, they can't contain the complaints and criticism because there are TONS of it.
  12. I am seeing mixed feedback. For me, it fixed a few things but I am not noticing much of a difference in the things I actually care about right now.
  13. This was one of the things I was looking forward to after reading about it in that thread we had like a month or so ago. I was pretty excited but to see it is nothing what they claimed it to be, yeah, not happy to say the least.
  14. I know 4 people who got full refunds and 3 of them are not going to go back to the game, they are done with it. So if this is the case for other people, they are going to lose a lot in the long run. Maybe they should have been more transparent about what was going on with the game. Oh well.
  15. I was thinking this. When I saw all the criticism coming forward matched with the actual complaints and the fact that they got a patch out right away... It just seems like they had intended on this happening and wanted players to find the bugs and the issues for them. I mean, there is nothing wrong with this but you should let it be known that this is what is going on so people don't get angry.
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