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  1. Nah. I was going to and started it and changed my mind. I am in the same mindset as CyberDemon at this point. I will wait until the game is fixed and just mess around in the city now and then. I have other games to play so not a big deal.
  2. ^ Came in here to mentioned that. A friend's older brother works for Sony in the US and he said word has it that they intend on relaunching it in the second quarter of 2021. So they are giving them 3+ months to fix things.
  3. Beats me. I just know that they really hyped and oversold this concept to the point where it is painfully obvious their either lied or never got it functioning on all platforms so they scrapped it.
  4. No update on anything from what I could find. I am not sure if this is down to lockdowns still happening from the virus or what but I can't see this being sorted anytime soon which is beneficial for the company at this point.
  5. Yes and no. I know it has been nearly a month since this patch was put out but it seems like they only fixed what they could and they will need to keep releasing patches and updates each month for a while.
  6. Let me know. I would like to see if it does and if so, I will make the switch. I have been wanting to move to Linux for awhile but all my gaming and a lot of what I do is on Windows.
  7. Night vision or some kind of flashlight system. Since the thread was made for the topic, I won't go into much detail but the game needs this added.
  8. No matter who you blame, there is blame to go around. It is not our place to decide who deserves it. Just acknowledge the game was a mess upon release, people are at fault, and let the devs get their crap in order.
  9. Plenty are playing it and kept it. Some got refunds on console and just bought it on PC. A lot factors into this. But if this is coming from them, you have to wonder if they are hyping it up for the sake of it. I don't know. I am sus of everything anymore lol
  10. THANK YOU! I was waiting for someone else here to bring this up. I thought it was just me. There are some parts in the game that are so damn dark, I can't see anything. Like I don't get what they were thinking with this.
  11. I noticed something, this has to be one of my bigger complaints, but the cops just don't function right. I can easily outrun them without even trying on a high rating. I can be in the middle of the road killing people and none of them show up but then I am in an area where only one person is there and I accidentally hurt them and 3 cops spawn behind me. I had them spawn in some of the weirdest places too. One spawned directly on my car once. wth is up with this?
  12. Not even. While I am on PC and don't have many issues, there are still bugs. Don't let the contrast full you. This game was clearly not finished but was in a "good enough" phase to be released.
  13. I am loving it. While it is not exactly what I had hoped for, I am still happy. I don't know how much of the story I have left but I know I have to be close to the ending. It has been okay. Nothing special imo but the world and just going through everything has been enjoyable none the less.
  14. I got through it just fine. Maybe it was confusing for some because it moved pretty fast or the graphics maybe played a factor?
  15. Maybe this is the future. Rubber will be the new currency. Maybe they ended up replacing bitcoins or something lol I do think it is funny as well. The fact that some of them are pretty sizable and neon colored so they stick out like a sore thumb is even funnier.
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