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  1. This makes sense. Of all the NPCs in the world, you expect at least 30% of be represented as poor or homeless to showcase the city. In reality, this is the case for a lot of cities in America and around the world anyways.
  2. 30 minutes or so if I had to guess but like a few others mentioned, I might just rush through the process to be able to get into the game. If the default looks fine with minor tweaking, I'll stick with that.
  3. So this means if you play in another language, the mouth movements will line up better for said language right? I like this a lot!! It will make it better for people playing in less common languages in the gaming world.
  4. I didn't know they actually released the channels. I like that they have numbers in them, nice detail. Also, 10 is a nice number. As long as there is enough music, I won't care that there isn't a custom channel.
  5. The issue, well, the ONLY issue I have with this mindset is that people are hyping the game up too much. Like if you over hype something and you don't end up being fully satisfied with it, you will likely regard it as not such a good game.
  6. I missed it as well. I subbed to their channel. I don't want to miss out on anything else cause people talk about stuff and I don't know what the heck is going on lol
  7. They did this with RDR2 I think. I do remember someone asking about it and them mentioned that things are toned down for the sake of presentation. Like a lot of these public events have children at them and it is hard to avoid them seeing things in many cases.
  8. Where is this car featured? I did see something about this mentioned on Twitter. Someone had pointed it out on there and people were saying it came from from last year. I can't find the footage of the car though. Maybe we weren't meant to see this? Or maybe it is just a fun visual easter egg for us to spot?
  9. It is mentioned that you can do anything to you body you are willing to handle. So It is kind of like a risk with pain. I would imagine these body modifications come at a cost for a lot of people so you need to know the best guys on the street to work on you.
  10. Someone I know mentioned something similar. I think the concept of something like this is great but considering this story is not only 50+ years in the future but saturated with tech that is real in their world, it has to purpose or fit to serve in the story. I am not against these kinds of plot twists at all but it just wouldn't work in a game like this.
  11. They didn't officially give a time, at least not that I am aware of. I don't think they do until after the game is released for most titles. They did say it is slightly shorter than Witcher 3, so that is factual. But yeah, that is all we know.
  12. Same, I really like the designs they went with and I want to be able to drive them all. I am sure I will walk a lot in the city but once I know the area, I will be driving all over.
  13. I am wondering if how you drive effects your overall player score in terms of how others in the game view you. Like if you drive nuts and always hit people, does this make you more of an issue around people, like the NPCs will view you as a threat or will this kind of thing just fade out over time like in GTA with the cops?
  14. I am glad they are doing stuff like this in the game. Not because I intend on doing this but rather the opposite. I like to drive is clean as possible and avoid hurting NPCs. I did the same in GTA games. I think it is quite fun.
  15. I had no idea that some items were going to be forced on us but it makes sense. Really though, I didn't even think of asking the question the OP did because of the genre of the game. It seems implied.
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