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  1. I think any visuals of showing this was likely down to a cut scene. There was no mention of this by the devs ever, not even once. I looked into it and found nothing.
  2. Less than 10 minutes. I am pretty sure you can pick a base and then mod it throughout the gameplay so I am not too concerned with the finer details.
  3. Same here. I did hear about it somewhere. I think it was in a YouTuber's video. Not an official one from the devs but a fan talking about different concepts in the game and the structure it plays on.
  4. I know it has only been 2 days, but anyone see anything on it yet? I wanna know if I need to take time off work or not. I like to plan ahead for big game releases like this and I can't wait much longer or I will be scheduled to work.
  5. A few things... I didn't consider the ads. You guys are probably right that there are some body mods that are legal considering they make things on purpose for those who have them. Also, I didn't consider it being a thing only for this area. I forgot they have separated themselves from the new USA.
  6. Do you think that the body modding we will be doing within the game will be entirely illegal? I ask because I noticed that there are a lot of darker takes on it when it is shown in the footage they have allowed to be released. One shows a woman with her whole lower jaw gone and getting work done in a dirty garage.
  7. This is all we know: That is a few of the artists that will be in the game. From my understand is they will have exclusive tracks for the game but I am not 100% certain on it.
  8. You can get a general idea from what they have already shown. Basically, we are going to be on the wrong side of the law throughout the entire game, for better or worse.
  9. I don't know if anyone watched the teaser video on Steam but a lot of interesting things were mentioned. One of them being that the homeless population is up 300%. Now I am wondering if this will be shown in the game to the full extent and detail. Going up 300% is a huge number. Will we see a lot of homeless NPCs?
  10. You know what comes to mind when I read this? The same thing that came to their minds when this crap started... Money. I totally agree with what you said man. It always seemed cheap. Like I am happy when a game I enjoy gets awarded something but plenty of great games don't even get mentioned. Not because they are bad either, it is just because they couldn't use them to make enough money.
  11. I don't think there will be any difference. You are effectively using an "older title" on a newer system. The systems will be more than capable of running them but unlike PC games, you are tied down with a console. So until they release the game for the new consoles, we won't see graphic comparisons for console vs PC.
  12. I think there will be quick travel regardless in the city so you can very well do this, no problem. I will probably walk more in the city for sure but not out in the badlands. That would get boring for me real fast. lol
  13. ^ same for me as above I will only bump things up if I get to do more in the game. Otherwise my first time completing the game will just be on normal or standard. Whatever they call it.
  14. I tend to play as a female if the option is there just because they are more ascetically pleasing to look at and they tend to have better options in terms of design and clothing.
  15. Yup. You will be able to do this. I don't know the functions of it or what happens when you do. I do know that children NPCs will de-spawn so you can't hurt them at all while driving.
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