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  1. Really hoping they decide to add these into the game in the future. I think people are right in saying that it was likely not in the game because it was an oversight. Maybe the testers were playing on a higher brightness level as well.
  2. If they keep this site going long-term, I will def. put it to use. Not sure when I will play the game again, really depends on when they release the XSX version of the game. No idea when that will be.
  3. Yeah they really should have had more of a focus on her personality, back story, etc. during the main mission. Not everyone does the side missions so they won't have much of an appreciation for her, I feel.
  4. Has there been any update on when the new consoles will get their releases? I haven't heard anything about it since prior to launch but no date was ever specified.
  5. I haven't but I am not playing it on PC. I did look at it in action on YouTube and it looks pretty cool. It makes me wonder why something like this wasn't actually in the game. I think they should let modders play a role in development after release to some degree.
  6. I'd say the same for sure. I don't know what they were thinking but I gave up trying to figure that out. Seems like they have a good year of repairs and rehab for the game now.
  7. I gave it a 5 too, played it on XSX for a bit, gave up. I am going to just wait for the next gen console releases instead of playing the backward version.
  8. Interesting... You know, this is actually believable. I bet they stuck it out for the sales. Sony had its best year ever so they bit the cost. I think they only kept the game on their market place to go against Sony.
  9. Honestly, I don't think it is right now. Even if you got it on PC, it is still going to have issues and you will be stuck playing through freezes, bugs, and other issues. If you want to really enjoy it, I would give it a few months so they can sort out their problems.
  10. I got it and decided to refund it for now. While it ran better on the Xbox Series X in comparison to the One, it still had too many issues. I ended up losing interest in it because of that. Thankfully, I got a full refund for the game. I will buy it again when it comes out for the new consoles, assuming they actually release those versions.
  11. I don't know how I feel about this. Yeah, you can blame them but without having worked for the company, how do you know that blame is justifiable? I don't feel like it is our place to pick and choose who to blame. The company is a team and the company is at fault, period.
  12. I'm on the X Series and while the game has been enjoyable, I kind of regret buying it because it is still having issues. I just can't get over how many bugs and problems are in the game. I feel worse for people who played or attempted playing on PS4 and Xbox One.
  13. I didn't think much of it until I started seeing them all over and in very large sizes. My first thought was "Well, the people of this city love to have a good time". The more I thought about it though... This is 2077. Maybe they use dildos to deliver drugs as a decoy! hahaha
  14. Yeah these are pretty interested. I have seen some kind of glitch out though. Others seems as if they were stationed as animated pieces and there is no real interaction with them which is strange.
  15. Yeah it has the same vibe on the surface but the deeper aspects of the story are pretty different. Having played both now, I can say that these are not similar enough to be compared to each other in greater detail. A lot of people compare MGS to Deus Ex as well but Cyberpunk 2077 is nothing like MGS.
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