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  1. Yeah it is. I just feel like if you are going to stick to playing it on console, make sure everything is fixed before you buy it again. If you are going to play on PC, just make sure your computer can handle it. If you get it through Steam though and come to find it doesn't run right, they will refund you.
  2. Yes, highly recommend it. You can get some really cool angles and see more of the world as you are playing it. It was super easy to DL and get running too.
  3. So Judy is a lesbian and Panam is straight? I could have sworn both ladies went both ways. Maybe I misinterpreted something in the story or what other people were saying.
  4. This kind of stuff is likely posted on a weekly basis and only gains traction when enough people believe it. This is how it works. You can easily convince people a lie is the truth if you keep saying it over, and over, and over again.
  5. Not the only one. It wasn't like they explained anything clear. Maybe it was an oversight or they figured most players would know what to do. No idea.
  6. I heard the same think. I am thinking that they were having issues with it myself. I can bet you it was VERY broken for them not to include it considering so many aspects of the game are loaded with bugs.
  7. Yup. They messed up but they need to save tail and really work with what they do from this point or they will risk losing a lot of money and this will hurt the development of the game's future DLC, multiplayer, and other things.
  8. What missions were freezing for you? It seems to be the same handful for most people which it telling me it is a common issue that can be fixed. I don't think the latest patch/update fixed it though but I could be wrong.
  9. I had issues with this myself. If you want to use the mod you will have to have a berserk cyberdeck equipped in the OS. Doesn't matter the company, just go with which ever one you want. Select it from the cyberware inventory in the menu and just equip it in whatever mod slot you have available.
  10. Yeah it is pretty funny that dildos being all over the place is part of a glitch/bug. Really does some up the game's launch though. haha!
  11. Apparently this is down to a bug. There isn't meant to be this many in the game. They are under the same file as "junk" items and they are just being replicated in the game too many times.
  12. I like it. I like the overlay as well. Everything looks good to me. I have seen it on lower res though and it doesn't look nearly as good. The colors look almost blurry.
  13. I would like to see improvements for NPCs across the board. They seem so bland and empty. They promised us some lively characters here and outside of the story characters, they honestly suck. I like the idea of at least having hovering vehicles, like allow us to use them freely. They can have them max out at like, idk, 6 meters in the air or something.
  14. Holy crap, they did!? I didn't even know about this. So yeah, I see it now. I see all sorts of people talking about it. I would imagine they will still support the game for people who want to play it but I feel like it is probably in most people's best interest to just get the refund and either play it on PC or wait for the PS5 release.
  15. I see, I see! Yeah this was a nice edition to the world that I didn't even consider until I saw them and interacted with them. Very cool stuff!
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