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  1. Handy feature for sure. I am sure a lot of people will make use of it. I am not sure how graphic the game will be in terms of sex scenes and the night life so having the option to tone it down is a nice touch.
  2. I was wondering this and I did confirm it, you are right. I do hope they add more as time goes on. I like when games start with a solid set of achievements and then builds on top of them.
  3. How long as ray tracing been a thing? I only just started hearing about it this year but I am certain it has been around for awhile now. I would imagine more brands will hop on board with it in the next 5 years as well.
  4. The title made me laugh a little. lol But yeah, I saw some clips of people who work at stores seeing the games coming in by the tote load. Nuts to see. I am almost positive thought they are time-locked so even if someone happens to get a copy earlier, they won't be able to do much with it.
  5. For anyone interested in a bit about the big city and the prime locations, I found some tid-bits on PC Gamer that might be an interesting read for you. Nothing about the descriptions are spoiler-induced so no worries there. If you want to be completely surprised though, just ignore this thread. City Centre The beating heart of Night City, the central district covers the metropolis’ Downtown and Corp Plaza areas. The showiest part of the city, it immediately stands out from other districts thanks to its glittering skyscrapers. Over the decades, the City Centre has become one
  6. If you want a gaming mouse, the Cooler Master mm830 is better than this one. You can get it for less than $70 as well on Amazon. So yeah, this is a bit overpriced to say the least.
  7. I was looking at this the other day when I saw they released it. I see some interesting ones mixed in. I am not sure I will get them all but the way these ones seem, it might be doable. At the very least, it gives me something to do my second play through.
  8. I was able to change my time off thankfully so I am safe but I can't get time off for December anymore. I would have had to book time off for the month at the end of September to guarantee I got time off. Everyone and their mother takes time off for holiday parties and extended Christmas VKs.
  9. I thought I would make a countdown thread. Kind of serve as a general talk for what everyone's got going on, what their plans are, etc. As mentioned in a few other threads, the last delay and new release date is not in my favor so I likely won't have much time to play and enjoy the game until after Christmas when I can hopefully get time off work. I will still likely get the game day one but won't be able to invest time into it under after the holiday season. So yeah, we have about 21 days left. How you all doing? Have any plans? I think this is the closest we have been to a release. Jus
  10. Am I meant to be positive? This is the 4th delay and it would have been better for me to have taken time off at the end of this month. I can't get time off work next month and I will be busy with family. I am not going to force myself to stay awake just to enjoy the game. At this point, I will likely still end up buying it on the 10th but waiting to actually get into it. I will make my character and probably start the story and hopefully get time off in January to enjoy it.
  11. "Cybertech 2020" I am going to start telling my family that is the game I am waiting to play and see if anyone corrects me. I am one of only 3 in my entire family who plays current games.
  12. Does Konrad have the most collective tracks in the game? I haven't seen any other name on any list I have read that has as many songs as him listed.
  13. If you're looking for me, better check under the sea... Cause that is where you'll find me! I can't see these kinds of vehicles being in the game. Flying ones make sense but there is no reason for us to be under water at any point.
  14. Isn't the aesthetic and the graphics kind of the same thing? I mean if they have good graphics, then the game will look good which means it will have a good aesthetic appearance. Also, you spelled "aesthetic" wrong. lol ---> Definition of ascetic 1: practicing strict self-denial as a measure of personal and especially spiritual discipline
  15. You guys gotta put yourselves in someone's shoes who will be forced to wait. Like I can either lose slip, skip work, or screw over my family. So yeah, I am going to have to wait while to play. The free time I have will be limited. I don't want to start the game and be forced to only play it like 30 minutes at a time every few days.
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