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  1. While this is a good deal, it just seem strange they would be giving it away. I guess this is more down to COVID than anything. Plenty are still out of work or struggling to make ends meet and they likely were going with other options in terms of gaming this year.
  2. Twitch got into hot water over this last year I think it was but they found a loophole to delay it. They weren't able to do it again which is why they needed to excuse themselves from the entire ordeal and put people in charge of their channels on the matter. If you end up getting in trouble with it, they will be forced to strike your account and this is more of a protection for you than it is for them. YouTube lets people get in trouble, cover their own legal court costs, and so on. Twitch is trying to prevent this. Glad to see the guys behind Cyberpunk 2077 thought ahead.
  3. In case people planed on playing the game around family during the Christmas season, I know a lot of us have several family gatherings, this is good to know. You will have the option to toggle nudity on and off so if you have kids around or adults you don't want to thinking you are some massive perv, you can enable this and not have any worries. I am not sure if this means it is blurred or the bodies will have clothing on. I haven't found details on that. Just thought I would share this though.
  4. Glad someone said it. I think we can just sit back and wait not and stop anticipating another delay. We have had enough of them. They know the last one was the worst one for most fans.
  5. That is true. GOG is more in support of the developers which is nice but I still feel like Steam has more going for them in their interface and downloads seem to happen faster for me in comparison.
  6. Just a coincidence. Ignore it. They clarified the other day that these rumors are just that and not to base anything they are doing on them. They fully intend on getting the game out for December 10th.
  7. Who the f would even think that this is a children's game is beyond me. They do not hide it in the ads. They tell you that you will be a criminal. They show saucy women, guns, etc. Like, COME ON!
  8. A friend got his canceled. He is still pissed. It was the final straw for him and he doesn't even want to talk about the game anymore. He said that he is just going to get it when the price drops next year. I can't blame him in a way. I would be mad too.
  9. If I had to choose, I would say Steam since they have been more reliable for me but you really just have to consider which launcher you prefer. That is what it comes down to really.
  10. I love that they included this one. It goes perfectly with the meme and Keanu. That has to be my favorite one on the list and I dully intend on getting it!
  11. If we get another delay, I won't be surprised this time but I still wouldn't wish for one. Another delay could go from December to March so be careful what you are asking for dude! lol
  12. I only know two people who intend on buying any of these games and they are both still going to get them regardless of Cyberpunk being pushed back.
  13. I don't know much about game development but my friend just assumed they were having issues with final patches. Like to get issues corrected for each version. The patches were working for some of the versions and not others which is why they delayed it more. They just need to get the patch to be the same for each game.
  14. We'll be fine. The game will come out in December. If it doesn't feel free to quote me and shame me on it. I think it is more unlikely than it has been all year for another delay.
  15. My brother went on a whole rant when he heard about this. He posted it on Twitter. It was like 6 or 7 tweets long. He ended up deleting it or I would have posted it here. He just was going off on them company for their delays, their lack of commitment, they poor time management. I mean he was pretty damn heated. I think after he cooled down her realized it was unfair to put all this on them like that without knowing the facts or the inside story behind the delays. I think this is how most people reacted. They reacted without thinking or considering anything.
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