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  1. I didn't hear about this at all. Where was this all posted? If it was only on Twitter then that would explain why. I don't use that site anymore. I don't want to be part of a toxic community even if I end up missing out on stuff.
  2. I agree with this. In my experience, I can say the same thing happens to me. I will start it and never finish it. I don't bother with playing games through the story a second time unless I really enjoyed the story or wanted to collect/complete more things.
  3. I think there are even more codes from what I have read. Not sure how many more but for like individual weapons. That is not the full list. Not sure where to find the full list though.
  4. Yeah I haven't heard anything though a lot has been going on. At least in the US. Info might be delayed and for all we know, meetings have been pushed back.
  5. They might only give us one round of free stuff and start charging after that. We really don't know. I think they messed up and throwing free stuff at people won't fix anything they did anyways.
  6. So it begins. I wonder how much they will give away for free before they start charging. I can't imagine they can hit the gate with a cost after the launch they have had. So much backlash.
  7. A lot of people I know who played on PS4 or even PS5 weren't exactly happy they did this. I mean some of them wanted to wait things out but they got worried the game wouldn't be supported so they got refunds. They should have been more clear about this before pulling the plug.
  8. I heard about this in passing. Not sure what they are trying to accomplish but I guess this is what you do when you don't want to be sued for a lot of money. You just plead stupid and hope they forget.
  9. They did pop up randomly in weird spots but it isn't a common issue for me still. Maybe some areas of the map are more glitchy/broken than others.
  10. Yeah I feel you. It just seems like they either didn't finish this or never intended on putting it in the game. I remember seeing videos with loads of NPCs gathered in the city. What happened to that?
  11. I don't have these issues as often as others it seems. I am on PC, maybe that is why? I only noticed them do random spawning a handful of times.
  12. This has to be the only major complaint I have out of everything. I can make excuses for everything else but not this. It seems like we were all under the impression that the NPCs were going to be on realistic cycles and the world was going to be lively. It just seems empty in most areas.
  13. There is a lot of details like this in the game, like generally in the world that just really brought it to life for me. Small touches like this really amplified that we were playing in a futuristic world while still making it believable.
  14. I was thinking this myself. I really thought I would enjoy the character more than I did but he felt forced at some points. I guess that is what they wanted?? I really don't know. The story and character development could have been better but I still enjoyed it.
  15. I can get people feeling this way. I play it on PC. I played through the story. I am going back through again slower this time and focusing more on the side quests and what not. I think they could have used another couple of months with testing for sure. Maybe they should have pushed it back till March or something. I can't complain too much though because even thought the game has loads of bugs, it is still playable and was enjoyable for me.
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