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  1. I am assuming that the music they used in the trailers and previews will be in the game. One of them can be heard at the intro of the Special Russian Edition on their YouTube channel. That Rocky fella's track. So yeah, you can pretty much get an idea of the music you will be hearing by looking up the artists mentioned in the video above.
  2. I don't know if you remember this from other games but they tend to tone the blood and gore down when they are show-casing it at events and such. I wouldn't worry about the details. I am sure they will be realistic to the human body as possible in the game.
  3. This one was also posted, I didn't even notice it lol So we got two commercials right off the bat. This one shows you a bit of the other details in the game as well.
  4. Johnny Silverhand's tat matches the Porsche decal in the game. Now the lore tells us he drove a Porsche so I am wondering now if the car will be in the game. Like as V, maybe we will have to track it down, maybe repair it or something.
  5. Yeah I saw that too. I bed a lot of people had a great time working on this game and have memories they will cherish the rest of their lives. I wish I had gotten into the gaming industry.
  6. So they are doing it according to their own TZ then. This is interesting. I had no idea about this. So I can essentially be playing it sooner than I thought. I might need to get the 18th off from work now though.
  7. I only just saw this yesterday. Been rather busy the last week or so. Glad it is October finally. As for my thoughts, I think it is great! They showed a bit more of the game here if you look closely. The new car looks slick too.
  8. You are indeed the only one. I mean I can see what you are saying. Like the game came out at the perfect timing for a lot of people but not everyone is into cutesie games like that, I know I'm not.
  9. Same for me. There have been games to come out this year that no one expected to be a huge deal with people. Heck, that Among Us game came out in 2018 and now everyone is playing it. So when you compare Cyberpunk to games like Animal Crossing or that other one with the colourful creatures... Fall Guys? I just don't see it losing.
  10. I'll be doing both but I am expecting to enjoy walking the city for sometime. I know after awhile I will get lazy and use a bike or car or something but in the beginning, I want to really see the world.
  11. So if you punch someone on the street the kids vanish? I mean I can understand for a shoot-out but not something like that. Like they can just make the kids so they can't be touched and have them run away.
  12. I'll give my two-cents here. The game is meant to serve as an almost completely customizable experience for the player. Because of the nature of the game (i.e. you get to form relationships and have sex in said relationships) you will be seeing your character naked. Why not allow people to make V how they want to see him/her? You don't have to do this part of the game though. Like you don't have to form relationships and have sex with other NPCs as far as I am aware so you can just ignore this if you want. The game is like the Sims 4. My wife plays that. You can play the game how you
  13. I am sure it will differ to some extent but they are basing it on the same structure. I like that they are doing this because it won't be just the typical easy, normal, hard modes.
  14. The only one I know of is CohhCarnage. I am sure there is a list of others but I think most of them are going to be "easter eggs" in the game so we will have to wait and see.
  15. Yeah there will be. It will be like Witcher 3. So in that regard, I am guessing you can choose to just play the story, play the story with other things happening in the world (where enemies could come after you at any point perhaps), and then two other difficulties that just make gameplay harder.
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